Solid Rock Foursquare church preparing “The House” for the homeless

Reverend Sheadon Crabtree just posted the following on facebook:

Solid Rock Foursquare church in Burney, Ca is preparing “The House” for the homeless in our community. Two seniors, as part of their “Senior Project”, will be putting in two bathrooms and a commercial washer and dryer for those who need to get clean.

The overall goal of this project is to; 1) Provide a place where the homeless can feel human again and 2) Be an organization that champions compassion to those less fortunate in our community.

Thank you to all the hard workers that have helped so far.

We will be having a grand opening in 2018

See his post on Facebook for pictures

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Burney Water Board Passes Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

The Burney Water Board unanimously passed the preliminary budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 at its regular board meeting on July 20. The final budget will be voted on at it’s next regular meeting on August 17. Board members Jim Hamlin, Britta Rogers, and Fred Ryness were present for the meeting.

There is no proposed rate hike for this fiscal year. There may be a need for rate hikes in the future but District Manager Willie Rodriguez said that before any such rate hike were proposed he would like to educate the public more on the work that the Burney Water District is doing and to addresss any concerns that Burney Water District customers may have.

The budget is divided into three areas: water, sewage and the community pool. The Board went over 8 pages examining revenues, labor expenses, and general expenses. Line by line, they compared last year’s budget to last years actual expenses in relation to this year’s proposed budget.

The budget is available for the public to review at the Burney Water District office.

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Washburn Park in need of repair and maintenance

Lola Harris called attention to the deteriorating state of Washburn Park at the Burney Water Board at their regular monthly meeting on July 2o at the Burney Water Board Building in Burney. The grass needs mowing and watering, the sprinkler system and other infrastructure need to be fixed.

Ms. Harris said that certain parts of the park where the grass is overgrown are becoming a “fire hazard.”

Board members Jim Hamlin, Britta Rogers, and Fred Ryness and District Manager Willie Rodriguez discussed the issue for over and hour.

The Burney Water District owns Washburn Park on Park Avenue and Civic Park on Hwy 299. Civic Park is also called Lions Park. The Burney Lions have been maintaining Lions Park. The Water Board has an agreement with the Little League for them to use and maintain Washburn Park.

Washburn Park has been a popular site for Little League games and softball tournaments, but in the past few years has been little used and has fallen into disrepair. If a solution is not found the park may have to be closed.

The board took no action because they want broader community feedback to determine the level of community support for the parks and to see how the Burney Community at large would like to address the problem. Rodriguez said that he would do an assessment of how much work was needed and what the estimated cost would be.

Rodriguez said that he would talk with Jen Luck, Office Manager at the Burney Chamber of Commerce to discuss the possibility of holding a community meeting at the Veterans Hall to determine the future of the parks in Burney.

There is one other park in Burney, Bailey Park that is owned by Tri Counties Network. The purpose of a community meeting on parks would be to discuss the future use, improvement, and regular maintenance of all three parks.

Burney Water District also owns and operates the Raymond H. Berry Community Pool which is well managed and financially viable. Lola Harris who is a member of Friends of the Pool, said that she would not be in favor of a Parks and Recreation District that would include the pool because that might threaten the financial viability of the pool. .

See also:

Burney Water Board Discusses Future of Civic and Washburn Parks


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Tony Giovaniello Updates Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River on Shasta County Economic Development

On July 20, Tony Giovaniello, President of the Economic Development Corporation of Shasta County (Shasta EDC), gave a presentation to the Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River about Shasta EDC’s work to promote and sustain economic development in Shasta County.

Tony Giovaniello talks with Rotary about economic development in Shasta County

The Economic Development “Commission” of Shasta County was originally formed on September 16, 1957 with the objective “to promote and encourage a balanced economic growth in Shasta County.” The original Board of Directors for the Shasta EDC was made up of Lou Gerard, M.F. Parker, and Charles J. Gleeson from Redding, A.B. Hood, Edward McMahan, Matt Burgan and John Perez from Anderson, G.F. Forester from Cottonwood, John H. Carlton from Burney and William Phelps from Fall River.

The formal filing of Incorporation for the Economic Development Commission of Shasta County took place on January 6, 1958. On May 18, 1964, the name was formally amended to Economic Development Corporation of Shasta County.

Over the past 59 years, the mission of the EDC has evolved.

Mr. Giovaniello became executive director of Shasta EDC in April of 2016. He has an extensive background in business management and development on a local, national and international level. After receiving his MBA from Columbia University in 1997, he has worked for and helped to launch numerous businesses.

EDC receives both public and private funding.

Currently, the EDC has two primary areas of focus: economic development and competitive viability. Economic development includes company recruitment, expansion and retention as well as entrepreneurial development. Efforts to improve competitive viability involve helping to provide capital resources, workforce development, regulatory assistance, business and tax incentives, and other efforts to provide a positive environment for businesses.

Giovaniello said that the EDC’s primary focus is on manufacturing and technology businesses. The reason is that these businesses tend to generate higher salaries and greater economic output.

It is difficult to get some businesses to locate in California because costs are high. At the same time California has more businesses than any other state and profits for businesses are higher because we have a large market area.

EDC has also been working to improve service at the Redding Airport by increasing the number of passengers and the number of destinations.

Giovaniello also highlighted training for youth as part of workforce development. Only 25% of Shasta County youth graduate from college. EDC sponsors “cloud wise” training programs that teach young people skills that can lead to good jobs in the technology field. He showed pictures of one such session, involving both American and South Korean youth, held in conjunction with Shasta Community College.

These programs are open to young people throughout Shasta County including the Intermountain area.

Mr. Giovaniello also said that he would like more participation from businesses in Eastern Shasta County. The EDC is interested in both forest products and biomass business and has been in touch with some of the business leaders in this area.

“I hope that this visit is a good start,” he said.

For more information contact: Shasta EDC 888-618-0887.

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Mud Run Fun!

161 children and their families turned out to enjoy the 2017 Kid Fit Mud Run.

Mud run fun

This was the final of five Kid Fit events for the summer of 2017. Kid Fit was organized this year by Bright Futures supervisor Shaylene Herndon with the help of Dana Hauge, parent volunteers, and the Tri Counties Network. The Pit River Casino provided a generous donation to fund the Kid Fit program this year.

Shaylene Herndon. What a beautiful smile!

Registration began at 6 p.m. At 6:15 children and parents began gathering at  the starting line.

Getting ready to race

Children ranging from toddlers to teens participated. The race was organized by age with the youngest going first.

The race is on


Hurdling the hay bales


Racing through the tunnel


Leaping into the mud


Parental guidance


Up the other side and back for more


Who would have thought this could be so much fun


Enjoying the mud


Sharing the mud


Washing off in the sprinklers


Prizes for all

For more about Kid Fit 2017 see:

Kid Fit off to a great start2017 Burney Basin Days Opening was Great!

2017 Kid Fit Family Track and Field Event Rocks

Kid Fit kick-off Tuesday June 13 at 6 p.m.

Pit River Casino donates $5000 to fund Kid Fit Program


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Mountain Valley Health Centers Community Wellness Week

Coming soon to a location near you!

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19th Annual Good Medicine Health Fair

On July 14, the Pit River Health Clinic held its 19th Annual Good Medicine Health Fair. There were both indoor and outdoor booths featuring more than 50 non-profit organizations, public services, and businesses providing health care service in the Intermountain area.

Lourdes Schwarz from Health and Human Services at the Health Fair

Hundreds of people attended. Those who registered and gathered signatures from at least 20 booths received a free t-shirt. There was also a drawing for prizes and a wonderful chicken lunch provided for all who registered.

The health care topics included medical, dental, mental, and financial health. Some of the booths provided free tests for blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. California Highway Patrol and US Forest service also had booths to discuss public safety and fire prevention.

Indoor booths at the Health Fair

Even SNIPPP was there to talk about animal health and pet adoption!

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