Chelsea Davis and Joel Biles chosen as BHS April Students of the Month

Chelsea Davis and Joel Biles were honored as April Students of the Month at the Burney Lions Club on Thursday evening April 19. Davis was named 12th grade student of the month and Biles was named 8th grade student of the month.

Lion George Whitfield, Chelsea Davis, Joel Biles, and Principal Ray Guerrero,

The students were introduced by Burney High School Principal Ray Guerrero. Lion George Whitfield presented each of the students with a check. Chelsea Davis was awarded $100, and Joel Biles received $50.

Senior Chelsea Davis has an outstanding grade point average of 4.43. She is a member of the S-Club,  CSF, FNL, Leos Club, Leadership Club, and Mentoring. She also plays on the basketball and softball teams.

She enjoys reading, listening to music, watching movies and spending time with loved ones. She would like very much to go on a cruise and to travel to other countries to learn about other cultures.

After graduating from high school, Chelsea will attend Sacramento State University.

Chelsea’s mother and father, Nikki and Rich Davis attended to watch their daughter receive the award. Mr. Davis said “Chelsea worked very hard to become student of the month. Thank you very much to the Lions for the wonderful dinner and program and all that they do for the community.”

Eighth-grader Joel Biles also has a 3.13 grade point average. He is involved in activities at the Word of Life Church. He enjoys playing baseball, drawing, video games and watching television. Something that he hasn’t done but would like to do is “jump off a cliff into a lake.”

In the future Joel hopes to go to college and become and engineer.

Joel’s brother Ben and grandfather David Biles attended the ceremony. His grandfather praised Joel saying, “Congratulations on a good job! I hope that you come back many times.”


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Devin Murray wins Lions Regional Level Speech Contest

Congratulations to Devon Murry of Burney, who won the Lions Regional Speech Contest at Ft. Jones April 8th.  After winning at the Club, Zone, and Regional competitions, he will now move on to the District Level April 28th at the Gaia Hotel in Anderson. The theme for this year`s contest is: “Integrity and Civility Play What Role in Today’s Society?”

Devin Murray from Burney High School won the Zone Level Lions Speech Contest

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Lunch with Community Helpers at the Community Center in Burney

Celebrating “The Week of the Young Child,” First Five Shasta and Bright Futures hosted a wonderful “Lunch with Community Helpers” at the Intermountain Community Center in Burney beginning at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, April 18.

Children and community helpers share lunch at the Tri County Community Center

According to Bright Futures Family Advocate Shaylene Herndon, 89 children and 62 adults attended and had an opportunity to meet community helpers from the Burney Fire Protection District, Shasta County Sheriff’s Department, CalFire, California Highway Patrol, the US Forest Service, Burney Disposal, and Dr. Patterson from Eye Care Associates.

The program was fun and educational. Each agency gave a brief explanation of the work that they do in terms that the young children could enjoy and understand.

Afterwards, everybody shared a delicious lunch including barbecued burgers, potato salad, baked beans, au gratin potatoes and cake provided by Diane Murphy and her crew at Shasta Senior Nutrition Center. Burney Fire Chief Monty Keady pitched in to help barbecue and serve the burgers.

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Ol’ Merc Pizza to host another Hope is Alive Open Mic May 18

Hope is Alive 12 coming at Old Merc Friday May 18

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Circle of Friends will host Becoming Brave workshop on mental health May 19

Becoming Brave Workshop May 19

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Intermountain Teen Center Mother’s Day Candy Fundraiser and Raffle

The Intermountain Teen Center is beginning a dual Mother’s Day fundraiser that includes a raffle to be held at the Craft Fair at Hill Country Clinic in Round Mountain on May 2nd and a candy sale. According to their flier:

Raffle Gift Basket 1

“Dakaro Cellars donated two very nice bottles of Port wine, one red, and one white (yes there is such a thing as white port). These will be raffled off as part of two very nice gift packages including gourmet chocolates and some very nice butcher-block cutting boards. These gift sets will be on display at the Behavioral Health front desk. The Drawing will take place after the craft fair on Wednesday May 2nd.  Raffle tickets are also available at The Behavioral Health desk. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.

“We will also be making Turtles and Jumbo Peanut butter cups, in your choice of milk or dark chocolate, or you may choose a mix.   You can purchase from the limited amount we will have available at the craft fair, or we will be taking orders now through Friday May 4th. Orders should be ready for pick up on May 9th in Round Mountain and May 10th in Burney. As always, it’s best to place orders or purchase tickets from teens if you can or you can or ask Theresa Callahan.”

Raffle Gift Basket 2

The Intermountain Teen Center is a youth outreach program of the Hill Country Health and Wellness Center. The center operates in two locations one in Round Mountain and one at the Circle of Friends center on the corner of Main and Tamarack.

The teen center serves teens ages 13- 17. The center has held a number of classes on cooking and art. They also have a lot of fun activities, including field trips, contests, air hockey, a pool table, board games, art, and music.  There are quiet areas to do homework and computers for the young people to use. There is also a music room and a small gym area with workout equipment.

During the school year the center is open in Round Mountain on Wednesdays and Fridays after school. In Burney the center is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

For more information about the Intermountain Teen Center, the raffle, or the candy sale call Theresa Callahan or Jed Smith at (530)337-5752, or Chelsea Sabin (for Burney) at 335-4222.

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Comment and Questions for the School Board Regarding the Mental and Emotional Health of the Student Body April 11, 2018

I believe that most of the students in our schools are really wonderful children and young adults. They are learning, active in sports and clubs, and engage in fun, interesting, and challenging extracurricular activities. Many are active in church youth groups and organizations that motivate them to serve the community. Guided by loving parents, concerned teachers, and other caring mentors they are they are not only gaining knowledge and skill but also developing healthy character.

Some students, however, for various reasons, may develop negative attitudes and behaviors that could become harmful for themselves and others.

Not wishing to jump to conclusions, I felt that it would be helpful to gain an assessment of whether or not there were troubling trends over the past few years. Therefore, I addressed the following public comment to the Fall River Joint Unified School District on April 11.

Below the video is a written outline of my comments.

In any case, I encourage people to pray for the youth of our community, their parents and families, and teachers and schools so we can have a good loving environment for our young people to grow up in.

Public Comment by Alex Colvin 4/11/18

Premise: Two missions of the School

  1. Education in knowledge
  2. Socialization and reinforcement of positive norms of behavior


Do you have some gauge for assessing of the mental and emotional health of the student body regarding:

  1. Attitude toward authority
  2. Behavioral problems amongst students such as
    1. bullying,
    2. at risk behaviors,
    3. disruptive speech or behavior,
    4. signs of mental or emotional problems indicating tendencies toward violence or suicide
    5. racial antagonism

Have you detected any trends or changes regarding the above attitudes and behaviors over the past few years? If so, have these changes given rise to any disciplinary problems within the classroom or the school. If so, how are these problems being addressed?


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