Emma Harrington honored as Burney 8th Grade Student of the Month

Emma Harrington was honored as 8th Grade Student of the Month at the Burney Lions Club on Thursday evening October 19.

BHS Principal Ray Guerrero, Emma Harrington, and Lion George Whitfield

Ms. Harrington was introduced by Burney High School Principal Ray Guerrero. Lion George Whitfield presented her with a check for $50 from the Burney Lions Club in recognition for her achievement.

Emma has a grade point average of 4.0. Her school activities include Youth, California Junior Scholarship Federation, and volleyball. She enjoys crafting, camping, playing volleyball, dancing and acrobatics. She would like to visit Disney World.

In the future she would like to go to community college for two years and then transfer to a four year college. Her goal is to become a science teacher. Mr. Guerrero said that he hopes he will be able to hire her to teach at Burney High.

Emma’s parents, Cory and Heidi Harrington, were both present to see their daughter honored. Mrs. Harrington said that “Emma spends a lot of time doing her homework instead of cleaning her room. She is a very sweet, loving, caring person and is about to become an auntie in a couple of weeks.”

Emma’s sister, mom-to-be Carrie Harrington, was also 8th grade student of the month when she attended Burney Junior High School.


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SHASTA COUNTY – HHSA’s new Captain Awesome campaign encourages men to take charge of their mental health. Featuring advertisements designed with a sense of humor and a resource website, ShastaSuicidePrevention.com/Men, this community outreach endeavor provides men access to tools, strategies, and resources to be mentally fit. The aim is to help men educate themselves on key components of mental wellness, and lets them know it is okay to seek tools and support from a professional.

Mental health outreach to men is a priority, as men die by suicide 3.5 times more often than women, and often have more difficulty asking for help when they need it. The campaign targets men of all ages, with a special focus on those between the ages of 45-64, the group that has the highest rate of completed suicides.

Created in collaboration between the Shasta Suicide Prevention Workgroup and Stand Against Stigma programs, the Captain Awesome campaign was informed by national research, national and local mental health statistics, other outreach programs and focus groups comprised of Shasta County community members. The intention is to celebrate the many perspectives of what it means to be strong and resilient, and allow members of the community to offer their own definition of what it means to be “Captain Awesome”.

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Fall Festival 2017 at Pit River Casino

Hundreds came out to celebrate the autumn beauty at the 4th Annual Fall Festival on the afternoon of Saturday October 14.

It was a beautiful day at the Fall Festival

There was a pumpkin patch and hay rides for the kids.

Found a pumpkin

There was also a cakewalk with prizes.

Getting ready for the cake walk

Fox Kingsley was a cake winner

Burney High School Students served popcorn and cotton candy and did facepainting.

Leos face-painting

Face painting

All proceeds from the event went to the Burney High School Sports program.

BHS students raising money for Burney High Sports Progrram

The event was organized by the Pit River Casino and the Burney Chamber of Commerce. Other sponsors included Tubit Enterprises, High Country Realty, Pit River Mini Mart, Montgomery Creek Market, Chimney Rock Travel, Intermountain Cattlewomen, Pit River Health, Fall River Golf, Burney Falls Lodging, Reed Hillard Insurance, Wild Card Brewery, H&R Meats, Hovis Hardware, Valley Hardware, Precision Lube Express, Mad Mountain Wireless, Tri Counties Bank, Safeway, and Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River.

Intermountain Cattlewoman at Fall Festival

Fall River Hotel at Fall Festival 2017

In addition, there was an opportunity to sample a wide variety of local cuisine provided by the Pit River Casino, Pit River Mini Mart, Ortega’s, Anna’s Country Kitchen, The Fall River Hotel, Montgomery Creek Market, Crumbs Restaurant, The Rex Club, Dragon Palace, Hat Creek Barbecue, as well as fry bread and Indian Tacos from the Pit River Tribe.

Anna’s Country Kitchen

Indian Tacos from the Pit River Tribe

Service with a smile


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Higher Flows Being Reduced on Portion of Pit River

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has begun reducing higher flows on a portion of the Pit River, and will reduce again to seasonal normal flows in late October.

Flows had been above 2,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) in the Pit 5 Reach since February while the Pit 5 Powerhouse near Big Bend has been off line. The powerhouse was unable to operate after winter storms deposited gravel and sand in front of the powerhouse’s tailrace, where water exits the powerhouse and returns to the river.

The Pit 5 Reach is the 9.3-mile portion of the Pit River between the Pit 5 Reservoir and the Pit 5 Powerhouse.

Flows in the Pit 5 Reach were reduced from above 2,000 cfs to about 1,300 cfs after one of the four generating units at the powerhouse resumed operation on October 5.  PG&E continues to remove sediment from in front of the tailrace so it can resume operation to the other three generating units at the Pit 5 Powerhouse.

In late October, PG&E expects to resume operations on a second generating unit at the powerhouse, at which point water will stop spilling from the Pit 5 Dam and flows in the Pit 5 Reach will return to about the season normal of about 350 cfs, depending on rainy conditions.

The other two generating units are expected to return to service in late fall.

The Pit 5 Powerhouse Road and the J.B. Black Powerhouse Recreation Area’s boat put-in, take-out remain closed to the public while the Pit 5 Powerhouse Road is repaired. The road was damaged in last winter’s storms should reopen in late fall.

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Community Meeting to address homelessness, crime and addiction

There will be a Community Meeting for the purpose of creating local solutions to address homelessness, crime and addiction.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Burney Veteran’s Hall
37410 Main Street – Burney
6:30 – 8:00 pm

Real sustainable community change requires the initiative and engagement of community members!

This meeting has been organized by members of Intermountain Action Growth and Education (IMAGE)

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Shooting Stars at Heritage Day 2017

Many talented groups played at Heritage Day throughout the afternoon of October 8 at McArthur-Burney Falls State Park. One group that delighted listeners was a talented quartet of young ladies from Shingletown named Shooting Stars.

The following is a playlist of seven of the songs performed by Shooting Stars. The first song was recorded at a picnic table before they went on stage.

The next six, performed on stage, are accompanied by Nicki Carlisle and backed up by members of the North State Fiddlers (California Old Time Fiddler’s Association District 6) who organized the music for the afternoon.

The four Shooting Stars are named Natalie, Katie, Tahlia, and Helaina. They have been playing together for one year. The two fiddlers are 12 years old and the guitarists are 10 years old. They all have beautiful voices.

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Pictures of Heritage Day 2017

Heritage Day 2017 on Sunday October 8 was wonderful. The weather was beautiful. Great music! Cider and dutch oven goodies! Wagon rides! Folks dressed up in period costumes. Lots of fun activities from the 1800’s. I’ll let some pictures speak for themselves.

Nicki Carlisle, the Zuilleger family and the Shooting Stars


The Shooting Stars – Natalie, Katie, Tahlia, and Helaina

Here’s a link to music by the Shooting Stars at Heritage Day 2017.

North State Fiddlers


Meg with Jack and Jill


Nina Kammener, Diana Sophia Green, and Kayla Oilar




Candle making


Candle making

Making a pine doll


These girls made some fine pine dolls


Craig Harrington at Heritage Days


Manning the cider press


Veronica Sloan and Dutch Oven Cooking


Pit River Pioneer Thom Sloger with Linda Colvin at an 1840’s tent site


Pit River Pioneers


Walt Libal displaying old guns




Tug O War


Cub Scouts from Pack 38


Leos at Heritage Day

For more on Heritage Days see:

Heritage Day At Burney Falls Park 2016
Heritage Day shares the past


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