2015 Burney Basin Days Art Show displays work by Intermountain Artists

Article and photos by Alex Colvin

Royalty at the art show with Nancy Bobo

Royalty at the art show with Nancy Bobo

From July 3nd  to July 5th, Intermountain Artists, Inc (IAI) hosted the 2015 Burney Basin Days Art Show at the Burney Reunites Welcome Center. The show was organized by Nancy Bobo, head of the art show committee, assisted by Pat Carlson and Rose Peer.

The show included artwork from 125 Northern California artists. Most were from the Intermountain area, but others came from the Redding area, and some came from as far away as the San Francisco Bay area. An estimated 600 to 800 people came to attend the show.

Patricia Carlson won Best of Show. She also tied for the People’s Choice Award with Belinda Strickland.

Best of show

Best of show

The work was judged by Craig Harrington, Jill Binger, and Stan Soars. Categories were: Oil (including opaque acrylic); Watercolor; Drawing (including pastel; Digital Art (including photography); Mixed Media (including collage); and Sculpture (including textiles and jewelry). Award winners were Linda Isbell, Susan Hanson, Fred Jones, Phyllis Arno, John Thompson, Rena Hawkins, Mary Atchison, Celeste White, Cris Taylor, Thad McKetchnie and Jim Reams.

Oil and opaque acrylic

Oil and opaque acrylic

There was also a junior division that was won by Diana Sophia Green.

Burney Reunites and the Intermountain Art Show shared the use of the old Lyons Pharmacy Building, now owned by the Shasta Community College Foundation. The foundation generously permitted the use of the building for Burney Basin Days.

Oil and opaque acrylic 1

More Oil and opaque acrylic

Pit River Casino, High Country Real Estate, the Burney Chamber of Commerce, Big Pines Real Estate, Burney Falls Lodging, and Dave Winningham Insurance all contributed as sponsors for the event. Rose Peer donated the ribbons and Annie’s Place provided chairs.




More Watercolor

After the event, Bobo said, “It was so rewarding to see so many people enjoying themselves reminiscing through memorabilia and the old Lyons Pharmacy Building. It was also a pleasure to be able to share so much local talent with everyone.”



Digital art and photography

Digital art and photography

Alex Colvin is co-owner of The Lace Gallery in Burney, California. He previously wrote for non-profit corporations in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Since returning to Burney, where he has deep family roots, Alex and his wife Linda have dedicated themselves to exploring and photographing the natural beauty of Northern California.


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