Steve Knoch recounts Knoch family and Fall River history

The Knoch family has been living in Pit River Country for four generations. Steve Knoch lives in Glenburn. His great-grandfather, Friedrich came to New York in 1867, then went to Panama, crossed the isthmus to the Pacific Ocean and sailed up to San Francisco.

After spending some time looking for gold in Feather River country, he came to Fall River and began working for Captain William H. Winter, the “founder of Fall City.” Friedrich and his brother-in-law Dietrich made improvement to and ran the toll road and bridge that led to Burney Valley.  They had a stage station and small hotel in Carbon. Knoch received the land which became the Knoch Ranch from Winter in payment for money owed for working on the toll road.

Here Steve recounts some of the story as it has come down the family and also comments on various other topics of historical interest.

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3


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