Late afternoon fishing at Bridge Park

Driving back from Reno, about 4 p.m. on Saturday August 30, I decided to pull off of Hwy 89 into Bridge Park on Hat Creek for a little break. The park was quiet. There was one truck there but no one was present. I stretched my legs over by the creek and sat down at one of the picnic tables. The water was as clear as glass. As I looked more closely through the stream, I thought I saw a trout flash by.

Bridge Park is serene. If you look below the bridge you see white water. The flow just below the bridge is deep enough to swim in. Further down the logs that have fallen across the stream create a wondrous patchwork of eddies, dips, and swirls dotted by small islands of luscious tall green grass.

There is a nice trail for hikers and fishermen downstream from the park area. As it descends the stream is lined by ponderosa, cedar, and aspen. The changing light gives the scene a magical aspect accented by the music of the water and the wind. A perfect place to pause, before driving on.

As I was about to depart, I heard voices. Across the highway there is a campground. Three young men and one young woman from the campground were walking up the highway and crossing the bridge. They had come up from Reno to camp and fish. One of them, Jason was swinging a nice 13 inch brook trout on a line. He had just caught it and now they were going to try their luck by the bridge.

Jason showing his catch

Jason showing his catch

Since they had come up from Reno, I asked them if they had ever gone up Red Rock Road between Hallelujah Junction and Doyle to see the red rocks. The young lady told me they knew the road but there were no red rocks.

Red Rocks by Red Rock Road

Red Rocks by Red Rock Road

Linda and I had just been there and I told her we had seen some gorgeous rock formations there.

Red, green brown and white rocks

Red, green, brown and white rocks

Meanwhile, Jason’s two other friends were busy getting their lines in the water, hoping that they too would land a nice trout.

Fishing below the bridge

Fishing below the bridge

As we were talking, two more cars full of people drove up and began unloading their fishing gear.

Young man from Reno fishing Hat Creek

Young man from Reno fishing Hat Creek

The park was now full of folks who had come to enjoy the late afternoon and evening fishing at Bridge Park on Hat Creek.



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2 responses to “Late afternoon fishing at Bridge Park

  1. I’ve been thru Red Rock Canyon, seen the red rock but never hiked up there – it’s a beautiful site and you’ve captured it so well! thanks Alex!


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