Campaign for New Library in Burney picking up steam

Recently the Friends of the Intermountain Library (FOIL) sent out the following notice:

As you may be aware, the building in which our Burney Library resides is outdated and unable to fulfill our community’s library needs. A larger, more modern facility would help to solve these problems. In cooperation with Shasta County, we now have the opportunity to purchase a building on Main Street that would more than double the size of the Library. This would allow us to improve our Library services to all age groups—young children, teens, and seniors—and enable the Library to be a valuable
center for educational activities, literacy programs, computer resources, and just having a “good read.”

To make this happen, FOIL and the community need to raise approximately $450,000 to match the $400,000 the Shasta County Board of Supervisors has set aside for this project. While we will gladly accept donations now, what we most need at this time is a pledge from each of you to support this project to demonstrate to the Board of Supervisors that our community will enthusiastically back this venture.

Click on the link below to get the Pledge sheet. Please return it at your earliest convenience. Additionally, please do not hesitate to encourage your family, friends, and business associates to join in this effort. We thank you in advance for your generous support!

Here’s the link for the Pledge form.

Here’s a link to the Burney Library page that gives a little bit of history and tells about the library.

Here’s a link to FOIL with more information.

I ‘m not sure who is in charge of the campaign. I don’t know presently what building on Main Street they are hoping to buy. As I get more information I will update this article or add new blogs. If you want more information, I suggest you call the Burney Library at (530) 335-4317.

It certainly would be nice to have a new, larger, improved library building on Main Street, not only for the sake of the library, but also to improve the appearance of the town by renovating one of the vacant buildings and putting it to use.

I just wanted to help get the word out and encourage people in the community to learn more, to get involved, and to support the project in whatever way they can.

For more news see Intermountain News, March 16, 2016 New Library Now! fundraising campaign begins




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2 responses to “Campaign for New Library in Burney picking up steam

  1. James H

    I am excited about this. After living in Burney for almost 15 years, I think the library is way overdue. I just wish I had the means to finance it


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