“How to Interview” course at WOLA

Former Deputy Chief of CalFire for the Northern Region, Vince Wall, will be teaching a course on “How to Interview” at the Word of Life Church beginning on Thursday, March 4.

The course is designed to educate people interested in applying for civil service jobs about the process and to provide helpful advice on how to apply successfully. It is open to the public. Students must sign up in advance and be committed to participating in the entire course.

The course will be taught each Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. for approximately 7 weeks. It will consist of lectures and practice-speaking by students in front of other students. Instruction will culminate in mock interviews in front of volunteer panels. There will be some light homework.

The course will progress as follows:

Week 1: How and where to obtain civil service job information. Review of Job Announcements and Minimum and Desired Qualifications (MQ’s and DQ’s).
Week 2: Review and clarify material from previous week. Review the scope of the exam. Review of job application form. Review additional information on Job Announcement. Discuss the differences between a Competitive Oral Board and a Qualitative Appraisal Panel. Discuss hiring lists, conditions, and list eligibility.
Week 3: Cover any questions from the previous week. Examine oral interview practice and rehearsal techniques. Introduce the four phases of a civil service interview. Begin the Introductory Phase (student participation).
Week 4: Review. Complete the Introductory Phase. Begin Phase 2, “Transition Phase,” with student participation using MQ’s and DQ’s.
Week 5: Questions and review. Complete Transition Phase. Begin Phase 3, “Body of Interview,” Students will be given scenarios to verbally complete in class.
Week 6: Questions and review. Introduce Phase 4, “Closing Statement.” Group exercises developing a closing statement.
Week 7: Mock interviews in which students will be able to combine everything learned into one interview. Depending on circumstances, it may take more that one week to schedule all interviews.

After all interviews are completed there will be a final meeting of all students for a closeout summary and discussion, as well as an appraisal of the course and instructor by the students.

If you are interested in signing up to take the course or if you would like to volunteer to sit on one of the interview panels, please call Vince Wall at 530-351-3377.


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