Public Speaking Course at WOLA begins Wednesday March 3

Former Deputy Chief of CalFire for the Northern Region, Vince Wall, will be teaching a course on public speaking at the Word of Life Church beginning on Wednesday, March 3. The course is open to the public. Students must sign up in advance.

The course, which will follow the “Toastmasters International” model of public speaking will be taught each Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. for at least 8 weeks according to the following schedule:

Week 1: Introduction of course and goals. Review of pre-speech preparation items and logistics. Introduction and work on “The Self-Introduction” activity.
Week 2-3: Review and conclusion of Self-Introduction. Beginning of “Introducting of Another Speaker Activity.” Students will be paired to interview and introduce another speaker.
Week 4-5: Review and conclusion of “Introducing Another Speaker.” Beginning of “Introducing a Topic Activity.” Participants will introduce a topic, idea, or proposal to the group.
Week 6-7: Review and conclusion of the previous weeks’ activities. Introduction to the “Short Presentation Activity.” Participants will give a 3-5 minute talk on a subject of their choosing.
Week 8: Conclusion of Short Presentation activity. Beginning of “Long Presentation Activity.” Participants will deliver a 5-8 minute presentation that may included visual aids. This talk will be open to the public.

The course can accommodate a maximum of 14 students. If more than 14 people sign up there will be an alternate list or an additional future course. If you are interested in signing up to take the course or if you would like to come to hear the speakers in their final presentation, call Vince Wall at 530-351-3377.

Mr. Wall has had extensive training in public speaking including 160 hours mandatory training during his employment at Cal Fire. As Deputy Chief, he delivered many speeches to audiences ranging in size from small audiences to a thousand people. He also was an instructor at Cal Fire Academy.


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