St. Patrick’s Day at the community center

The Burney Community Center had a wonderful corned beef and cabbage senior lunch on St. Patrick’s Day. Linda and I arrived just after noon and there was only one spot left in the parking lot. Inside, the line was still moving and the tables were almost all full.

Just about a full house

Just about a full house

St. Patrick’s Day decorations livened up the hall. People were wearing green hats and shamrocks apparel to suit the occasion. There was a table of baked goods for sale. Ron was playing music on the piano.

Ron playing music

Ron playing music

In past years, when I played at the Mayfly Pub in Fall River I used to play some Irish tunes such “When Irish Eyes are Smiling,” or the “Black Velvet Band.”

After shooting a few pictures and greeting Bill Campbell who was busy making sure everyone had everything they needed, I got into line and was served a delicious meal featuring corned beef, cabbage, and potato.

Ladies serving corned beef and cabbage

Ladies serving corned beef and cabbage

Linda and I joined our friends Marty and Vicky MacAbee and George Whitfield.

Marty and Vicky wearing green

Marty and Vicky wearing green

The meal was delicious and we had a lively conversation about the 2016 Presidential Election. My position is that I will not vote for Donald Trump and I will not vote for or support any candidate for any office who supports Donald Trump.

Altogether, it was a jolly good time. I am very grateful for all the programs and activities that they host. Bill Campbell does a great job. If you have an idea for an activity, he is very open to anything that will benefit the community.

Linda and I enjoy going for the senior lunches. They are held at noon Monday through Friday. The meal, which costs $3 for seniors, is always nutritious and well balanced. and generally quite tasty.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.





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