Candidates Night at the Vets Hall in Fall River

Five candidates came to speak to about forty people at the Vets Hall in Fall River on Saturday night, March 19.

Candidates night at the Vets Hall - left to right - Janet Chandler, Mary Rickert, Gregory Cheadle, Joe Montes, and Steve Baird

Candidates night at the Vets Hall – left to right – Janet Chandler, Mary Rickert, Gregory Cheadle, Joe Montes, and Steve Baird

The candidates were introduced and the program was moderated by Russ Jones. Janet Chandler and Mary Rickert are running for District 3 Shasta County Board of Supervisors. Joe Montes and Gregory Cheadle are running for U. S. Congress, and Steve Baird is running for California State Senate District 1.

None of the current officeholders attended the event. Doug LaMalfa currently represents the 1st Congressional District, Ted Gaines is running for reelection as state senator, and Pam Giacomini is the current county supervisor for District 3.

Each of those candidates who did come spoke for about five minutes explaining their background, their political philosophy, and their positions on some of the issues.

Following their introductory statements the audience asked many questions. The question and answer session lasted until after 8:30 and ranged over a variety of national, state, and local issues.

Some of the national topics were: gun rights and the Second Amendment; sanctuary cities; economic policy; and concerns over the deployment of a national police force.

Local issues addressed economic development and regulations; state and federal agencies operating in Shasta County; acquisition of a new building for the library in Burney; hanger fees at Fall River Airport; water rites, fees, and management; fire safety fees; the windmill fund; and changes in regulations for low income housing.

Much of the discussion about county issues emphasized the lack of connection between the board of supervisors and local citizens.

There was a lot of discussion about the State of Jefferson. There were also numerous references to various articles and amendments of the Constitution.

After the program ended, the candidates and many people stayed to talk as they enjoyed cookies and cake.

All in all it was an evening full of information. Each candidate gave detailed articulate answers. Rather than trying to report the stands that each candidate took, I recommend that people visit the links in the article above to explore their qualifications and positions.

Thanks to both the candidates and the voters who came out. We need an informed electorate. God bless America.


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