Chamber Seeking Candidates for Honorary Mayor of Burney

Burney Chamber is looking for a new Honorary Mayor of Burney. Candidates campaign by collecting donations to be split between their favorite charity and the Chamber of Commerce. Money raised by the Chamber supports Burney Basin Days.

In May or June, there will be a fun debate amongst the candidates. Each candidate chooses a campaign theme and motto, a campaign manager and represents their favorite charity.

2015 Honorary Mayor’s Race Debate

2015 Honorary Mayor’s Race Debate

The person who raises the most money will ride named Mayor at a special ice cream social at the beginning of Burney Basin Days, will ride in the Burney Basin Days Parade, be introduced at the Burney Basin Days Fireworks Program on July 4th, and represent Burney at numerous functions throughout the year.

For more information visit the Honorary Mayor of Burney Facebook Page. Cindy Martin has posted a letter for people interested in becoming a candidate and a 2016 Honorary Mayor’s Application Form.

If you business or organization has a nominee, please call Cindy Martin at 335-3700 or Kim Stier at 949-4407. It is a fun competition and makes money for your favorite charity.

Here’s a video of  the 2015 Honorary Mayor’s Debate.



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