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Fishing season open in Pit River Country

April 30, opening day for the fishing season,  was a beautiful crisp Spring day. I heard that a lot of people attended the fisherman’s breakfast and that Jeff McNeil was there to play guitar and sing for the fishermen.

Linda and I decided to take a drive out to enjoy the lovely day, take pictures, and welcome the visitors to our area. On our short tour we met people from Redding, Shingletown, Santa Rosa, and Happy Valley. So many people from all over the North State love to come here to enjoy some of the best trout fishing in the country.

Fishing from a small boat on Baum Lake

Fishing from a small boat on Baum Lake

We headed to Baum Lake. The parking lot was packed. Everyone we met was super friendly, whether they had caught any fish or not. The beauty was just relaxing and intoxicating. I met a nice blonde lady from Redding who had come up with her family. Her children were down on the boat launch hoping to catch a fish.

Youngun's from Redding getting ready to throw a line in

Youngun’s from Redding getting ready to throw a line in

Pelicans and osprey were busy fishing too.

American pelicans were there

American pelicans were there


More pelicans coming in for a landing

More pelicans coming in for a landing

Out on the pier, Jenni Riddle and Dan Thomas from Shingletown were enjoying the view as their poles rested against the railing. Dan said they were just happy to enjoy a day together out of the house.

Jenni Riddle and Dan Thomas from Shingletown enjoying a day out

Jenni Riddle and Dan Thomas from Shingletown enjoying a day out

One lady paddled by fishing out of a kayak.

Fishing while kayaking

Fishing while kayaking

More people were relaxing as they fished by the picnic table.

Relaxing and fishing from the picnic table

Relaxing and fishing from the picnic table

Linda and I headed up the dirt road across from Baum Lake toward Cassel. Midway we detoured to the high end of Cassel Forebay to check it out. Lots of people were lined up to fish.

Cassel Forebay between Cassel and Baum Lake

Cassel Forebay between Cassel and Baum Lake

We chatted for awhile with a woman from Santa Rosa who had come up to fish and camp at the PG&E campground further up the road. As we talked, Glenn and Angie Riley from Happy Valley up the trail with a nice string of native fish. Four rainbow trout and one nice big brown, all ranging from 14 to 16 inches

Glenn and Angie Reilly from Happy Valley with five nice native trout

Glenn and Angie Reilly from Happy Valley with five nice native trout

They said they were going to smoke them.

Fishermen are happy to be out in nature catching fish. Linda and I enjoy being in the beauty catching our photographs.

We headed on through the campground to the bridge by Cassel. More fishermen lined both sides of the bridge.

Cassel Forebay down by the bridge

Cassel Forebay down by the bridge

Well, that was a fun little drive. Time to head back to Burney.

Mt. Burney from Cassel Road

Mt. Burney from Cassel Road

Isn’t it wonderful to live in a place so blessed with natural resources and awesome beauty?



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Public Speaking at WOLA

On Thursday evening April 27, six local Burney Residents who attended Vince Wall’s public speaking class at Word of Life Assembly of God (WOLA) concluded the eight week course by giving a short speech on a topic of their choice. The six speakers were Doug McGregor, Daryl Aberle, Carrie Wade, Jill Binger, Kathy Newton, and Megan Howard.

Vince Wall and the public speakers of Spring 2015

Vince Wall and the public speakers of Spring 2016

Mr. Wall began the program by giving a brief synopsis of the course. He revealed that Toastmasters International was the source for much of the content taught. Mr. Wall explained that the students would make their presentations in teams with one student introducing the speaker. Introducing a speaker is one of the skills learned in the course.

Vince Wall talking about public speaking

Vince Wall talking about public speaking

The first speaker was Doug McGregor, introduced by Daryl Aberle.

Doug McGregor - What it means to be a pastor

Doug McGregor – What it means to be a pastor

Mr. McGregor spoke about “What it means to be a pastor.” He talked about the qualifications and responsibilities of church ministry and also explained his motivation for wanting to be a minister. Mr. McGregor has been teaching youth Bible study. He talked about how satisfying it is to experience the gratitude of his students and to be a positive and helpful influence in their lives. He acknowledged how grateful he was for those who had mentored him. He hopes that in developing skills as a pastor he can be used by God to help people in his congregation and community.

Mr. McGregor then introduced Daryl Aberle, who spoke about “Inventory.”

Daryl Aberle - Inventory

Daryl Aberle – Inventory

Many people in town know Daryl because he works at the Burney Les Schwab. He has been working in the automotive tire industry for 16 years and has been at the local Les Schwab for 3 1/2 years. Mr. Ablerle first explained what inventory is, using examples such as a grocery list. He then informed us that the local dealership has eighteen categories of products comprised of thousands of items. Each month they do a thorough inventory of all their stock. In order to do so, they use four teams of two workers. One checks the stock and the other writes down the numbers. He said that having a good program helps to expedite the process. They allow one week for inventory but can usually accomplish the task in two days.  All of this is done while the shop is still taking care of customers.

The next speaker was Carrie Wade introduced by Kathy Newton.

Carrie Wade - Scoliosis

Carrie Wade – Scoliosis

Ms. Wade’ topic was “Scoliosis.” Her theme was overcoming. She began by saying that in our lives we all have to overcome something. Then she gave a moving testimony of her teenage experience with scoliosis. On the table to her right was the brace that she had to wear for a year.

Ms. Wade was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis in 1974. When she initially did not respond to treatment, it was determined that she would need to undergo surgery. After the surgery she continued to wear her brace. In April 1975 when she went to have the brace removed, the doctor was on vacation and she had to wait another month. This was disheartening. Her mother consoled her by saying that when the brace was removed she would take her shopping for new clothes and take her out to dinner.

Carrie was anxious about whether or not her back would hold when the brace was removed. The day came when the brace was removed and all was well. Carrie was able to resume a normal lifestyle. She was an overcomer.

The next speaker was Jill Binger. She was introduced by her teammate Megan Howard.

Jill Binger - Drought-tolerant plants

Jill Binger – Drought-tolerant plants

Ms. Binger spoke about “Drought-resistant Plants.” She gave three reasons why it is a wise choice to plant drought- resistant plants:

1.  For the past few years, California has been in a drought.
2.  Drought-resistant plants require less time watering
3.  Drought-resistant plants save money because they require less water

She explained the difference between annual and perennial plants and said that most drought-resistant plants for this area are perennials. She gave several examples of plants she has planted including lavender. She recommended choosing plants that flower at different times so that one’s yard will have continuous bloom. Ms. Binger illustrated her talk with numerous pictures that she passed around the audience.

We live in a zone 5 climate. Redding is a zone 8 climate. She advised that if you buy your plants in Redding, make sure that they will grow in our zone 5 area. She also clarified that plants need more care until they are established. She recommended watering in a small circle dug around the plant so the water seeps deeper into the soil to support the lower roots.

After Ms. Binger’s very helpful and informative talk, Carrie Wade introduced Kathy Newman for her speech on “Finding God in Nature.”

Kathy Newton - Finding God in Nature

Kathy Newton – Finding God in Nature

Kathy Newman is the Church administrator at WOLA. Her talk was a poetic mix of metaphor and anecdote describing ways in which she had experienced God in nature. She described how God can whisper or can shout like a cliff or an ocean wave.

She recounted a tale of a hike by a glacier. At one point as they were making their way, the trail narrowed perilously to a foot-wide, slick, muddy track over a raging river. As she watched others make their way ahead of her, she imagined herself slipping and falling into the torrent. Then, as her turn to cross approached, she felt God inspiring her with the counsel to stop imagining negative outcomes and to begin imagining positive outcomes. So she pictured herself deftly putting one foot in front of the other and making her way safely across the dangerous passage.

And that’s exactly what she did.

The lesson from that experience with God stuck with her and she has continued to employ it in her life since that time.

She shared how the Japanese refer to a refreshing walk in nature as a “forest bath.”

One other tale she told was of a visit to a zoological park in Mendocino County where she had an encounter with a 20-foot tall Rothschild’s giraffe. She described feeding the giraffe, first from her hand, and then, from her mouth, as the giraffe bent over to take its food while looking into her eyes. He had big eyes with giant lashes.

That night she said God again stirred her soul and she concluded the story with a passage from Psalm 116 including the following:

I love the Lord, because he has heard
    my voice and my pleas for mercy.
 Because he inclined his ear to me,
    therefore I will call on him as long as I live.

The image of a giant giraffe bending down for an eye-to-eye encounter became a metaphor for God’s redeeming grace. It was a wonderful speech.

The final speech of the evening was delivered by Megan Howard, introduced by Jill Binger. Megan’s topic was “WOLA Fitness and What it Has to Offer the Community.”

Megan Howard - WOLA fitness and what it has to offer the community

Megan Howard – WOLA fitness and what it has to offer the community

Megan shared how she became involved with fitness therapy while at college in Texas. She was experiencing an eating disorder and was partaking in some fun but potentially unhealthy lifestyle choices. She went to a gym and found the people and the physical workout therapeutic and life-changing. She became a certified physical trainer, married a young Texas man, and came back to Burney.

Upon returning home she wanted to share her talents with the community. She led exercise groups in various locations including her basement and her porch. WOLA was looking to expand their ministries to serve the public and she proposed offering a fitness program with the theme “Faith, Family, and Fitness.”

Megan began teaching with no equipment. Over the past six years it has grown to include 15 instructors and more that 140 participants. Thanks to donations they now have a weight room and cardiovascular equipment. WOLA Fitness tries to provide “something for everyone.”

When she began she felt it was good for her students to push themselves and experience the pain of sore muscles. Since then she has modified her approach, tailoring the training to each woman’s individual needs and goals. Participants speak of the program as family. Megan read a testimony from one woman emphasizing the heart of the program.

Her talk was illustrated with pictures on a large video screen. By the way, while there are as yet no training programs for men, the weight room and cardiovascular equipment are available for their use.

After each speech the audience had the opportunity to ask questions related to the content of the speech. Then Mr. Wall gave helpful tips to each speaker on ways they might improve their performance.

This was an evening packed with information, inspiration, and helpful advice. The entire program took just over one hour. The fact that the speakers could communicate so much information and inspiration so lucidly in such a short time is a measure of the success of the course.

One other lesson that I took out of the experience is “Don’t underestimate your neighbors.” Every person is a well-spring of information and experience. Every person has a story to tell. Many people fear speaking before an audience more that they fear death. Yet, every person has a valuable speech to make.

Mr. Wall is planning to do another public speaking class in the Fall. If you want to overcome your fear of public speaking… if you want to hone your communication skills so that you can make your speech, I recommend that you take this course.


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Mayers Hosts Health Career Day at Burney High School

On April 22, Mayers Memorial Hospital District hosted the first of their three Health Career Days at Burney High School. Mayers staff were present representing over 15 departments. Mountain Valleys Health Centers also participated.

Students at BHS Heath Fair - Photo courtesy of Mayers Memorial Hospital District

Students at BHS Heath Fair – Photo courtesy of Mayers Memorial Hospital District

The entire student body was involved in the program and talked to staff to learn about the variety of employment options in the healthcare field. Organizers Val Lakey, Director of Public Relations and Libby Mee, Director of Human Resources said the event was intended to show student the many jobs available with varying degrees of education and qualifications.

Learning about employment opportunities in healthcare - Photo courtesy of Mayers Memorial Hospital District

Learning about employment opportunities in healthcare – Photo courtesy of Mayers Memorial Hospital District

For example, a student can take a phlebotomist program and complete it in as little as 12 weeks, an EMT can complete training in 6 montha, a Listened Vocational Nurse can finish schooling in 18 months and a physician takes many, many years. “We want to show our students there are a lot of opportunities, clinical and non-clinical. There are careers in Medical Records, Administration, Nutrition and IT,” said Lakey.

Mayers employees over 250 people and offers a wide variety of career options. “We want to grown our own and show local students it is an option to return to our community to work,” Mee noted.

Information was provided on:

  • Education needed college prep and beyond.
  • Information about the field
  • Skills required, etc.
  • Wages, Benefits, etc.

Students were required to ask questions in order to be able to participate in a drawing. Other events are scheduled for May 20 at Fall River High School and May 25 at Big Valley High School.

Photos and press release from Mayers Memorial Hospital District. For more information contact Valerie Lakey


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Lions Clean Burney Civic Park

On Saturday April 23, Lions were sighted in Burney Civic Park. Not mountain Lions, not four-legged canivores.

Burney Lions cleaning Burney Civic Park - photo by Jim Glaser

Burney Lions cleaning Burney Civic Park – photo by Jim Glaser

No, it was service-minded members of the Burney Lions Club hard at work with rakes and a bull-dozer cleaning up the pine needles and fallen debris.

Burney Lions cleaning Burney Civic Park 2 - photo by Jim Glaser

Burney Lions cleaning Burney Civic Park 2 – photo by Jim Glaser

Located just off Highway 299 between Timber Drive and Cedar Street, Burney Civic Park is a great place for tourists visiting or driving through Burney to stop for a break or a nice afternoon lunch.

Burney Lions cleaning Burney Civic Park 3 - photo by Jim Glaser

Burney Lions cleaning Burney Civic Park 3 – photo by Jim Glaser

It’s also a pleasant place for Burney residents to take the kids to play, or just to go and while away the time sitting peacefully beneath the Ponderosa pines. The park is also listed as a geocache location.

Thanks Lions for helping to maintain the park.


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Burney Lions honors March and April BHS Students of the Month

The Burney Lions Club honored three of Burney Junior Senior High School‘s Students of the Month at their meeting Thursday evening, April 21. Marilyn Madera was chosen as Senior Student of the Month for March, Courtney Broome was named 8th Grade Student of the Month for April, and Ray Guerrero was named Senior High School Student of the month for April.

Becky Torgrimson, Ray Guerrero, Courtney Broome, Marilyn Madera, and George Whitefield

Becky Torgrimson, Ray Guerrero, Courtney Broome, Marilyn Madera, and George Whitefield

The students were introduced  to the Lions by BHS Vice Principal Becky Torgrimson. Lion George Whitfield presented each student with a check from the Burney Lions Club in recognition for their achievement. Senior Students of the Month received a check for $100, and 8th Grade Student of the Month Courtney Broome received $50.

Family members of the students were also welcomed and introduced. Marilyn Madera was accompanied by her parents Maria and Emilo and her brothers Eddi and Alex. Courtney’s father Josh Broome was present. Burney School Principal Ray Guerrero and School Counsellor Liz Guerrero were there to see their son Ray honored. One of their daughters also attended.

Selection as Student of the Month is based on academic performance, talent, character, and activities. In her introduction of each student, Vice Principal Torgrimson described each student’s school and community involvement, interests and hobbies, and goals and aspirations.

March Student of the Month Marilyn Madera with Vice Principal Becky Torgrimson

March Student of the Month Marilyn Madera with Vice Principal Becky Torgrimson

Marilyn Madera is a cheerleader. She is active in  the St. Francis Youth group.  She is on the Spirit/Float Committee. She likes to read, draw, sing, cook, and take care of children. She looks forward to attending college and hopes to become a pre-school teacher. She would also like to travel to Puerto Rico and other countries such as Japan and Argentina. She speaks fluent Spanish and English. Her favorite subject in school is English.

I asked Ms. Madera if she had a philosophy of life or motto that guided her. She said,  “You only live once, so do it right.”

Courtney Broome is active in her church. She is good at art and drawing. She hopes to study photography and she would like to visit Alaska.

Ray Guerrero plays baseball. He is a member of the Leo’s, the Chess Club, CSF, the Leadership Club, and ASB. He is an avid Giants and Warriors fan and hopes to be able to go to a Warriors’ game. He likes music and plays drums. After graduating, he will attend Merced Junior College on a baseball scholarship. He would love to play professional baseball.

It was an inspirational program complemented by a wonderful meal. Leo’s Club volunteers Gracie Perkins, Kaden Tiran, Alex Masters, Deborah Ford, Lovely Schechla, and Kayla Henderson served a delicious meal of ham and scalloped potatoes prepared by Lions cooks.

Leos Deborah Ford, Gracie Perkins, Alex Masters, and Kaden Tiran

Leos Deborah Ford, Gracie Perkins, Alex Masters, and Kaden Tiran ( Lovely Schechla and Kayla Henderson not in photo)

Burney Lions honor and reward one outstanding 8th grade student and one senior student each month. This is just one of the many ways in which the Burney Lions Club has been serving our community since 1946.


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Hurray! Another Intermountain “Hope is Alive!” Open Mic coming May 20

Hope Is Alive 6 Poster sm

Click on image to view full size flyer

On Friday May 20, Hope is Alive! 6 Open Mic will be held at Billy’s Roadside Café in Montgomery Creek. Performance will begin at 6 p.m. People who would like to perform should come to sign up at 5:30.

The theme is Hope Is Alive! The flyer asks, “Has creating music, rhymes or poetry given you light in dark times or shed light on a hidden struggle? Then come celebrate how art heals and promotes understanding.”

The event is free and will feature spoken word, singers, songwriters, dancers, and other performers.

Organizer and emcee Marc Dadigan

Community Education Specialist Marc Dadigan

I have been to two of these events and both have been wonderful. The first Intermountain Hope is Alive! event was held at the Rex Club last November 19. The event included talented performances of folk, pop, blues, Christian music, Native American Rap, and original songs. Poets recited powerful, poignant poems. There was also comedy and story-telling, as well as belly dancing and folk-dancing. Sounds like an amazing program, doesn’t it? It was.

Steve Stoore plays the blues

Steve Stoore played the blues in Burney

Hope is Alive! 5 in Redding held at Lulu’s  Café was equally incredible, with a whole new array of positive creativity.

I expect that this event at Billy’s Roadside Café will be another wonderful explosion of heart, talent and creative expression. Billy’s has a long history featuring local Intermountain artists. Billy’s was formerly The Station Café, which hosted concerts, jams, and open mics.

Billy Riggins and Lewis Gustafson

Billy Riggins and Lewis Gustafson

Before that it was the Acorn Café The first venue I performed at in California was the Acorn Café. What a great place for this event! There are wonderful musicians and poets living in Round Mountain. Montgomery Creek, Big Bend, and Oak Run.

I expect to see folks from Redding to McArthur and beyond coming out to share their talent and enjoy the work of others at this event celebrating the healing power of art. As the old song “I Believe in Music” put it,

Music is love and love is music if you know what I  mean!
People who believe in music are the happiest people I’ve ever seen.

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

So mark it on your calendars and come on out for the celebration.

Hope is Alive! open mics are sponsored by Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency in conjunction with the Community Education Committee and community partners and advisory boards. Funding for this event is provided through the Mental Health Services Act. To learn more visit

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Burney High School Spring Musical April 21-23

BHS students will present “Aladdin” at the Liz Polley Center in Burney on Thursday, April 21st, Friday, April 22nd and Sat. April 23rd at 7:00pm. Tickets will be $6.00 each and are available at the BHS office or at the door.

Burney High School Students to present the musical Aladdin

Burney High School Students to present the musical Aladdin

This is going to be a great show! Seating will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

(Picture from  What’s Happening in Burney, includes student actors Megan Arseneau, Billy Jr Covert, Paige Rene Smith, Emma Sealander, Carissa Tereba and Beverly Vaughn amongst others.)

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