Kynzie Dragoo recounts mission to Africa at Rotary Club

At the Thursday, April 7 meeting of the Rotary Club at Gepetto’s Pizza, Kynzie Dragoo gave an inspiring and informative talk on her mission to Africa.

Kynzie Dragoo on mission in South Africa

Kynzie Dragoo on mission in South Africa

Ms. Dragoo, a member of Solid Rock Four Square Church,  went to Africa under the auspices of Youth with a Mission (YWAM). Founded in 1960, (YWAM) is a global non-denominational Christian movement with over 1100 missions in more that 180 countries. Rotary Club of Burney and Fall River contributed to her trip.

Altogether, Ms. Dragoo spent six months preparing for and undertaking her mission. The first three months were spent in discipleship training in Chico. Then she spent three months on mission in South Africa.

Kynzie talks about here experience with African children

Kynzie talks about here experience with African children

The first place she went was Johannesburg. While there, she worked with a school for adults and with children. Her work involved prayer and teaching.

Next she went to Worcester, a town on the Western Cape. They had a Bible study for children once a week with 200 children attending. They participated in worship and did a lot of skits.

The third location that Ms. Dragoo worked in was Jeffreys Bay on the Eastern Cape. Jeffreys Bay is known for its surfing but is also one of the fasted growing urban areas in South Africa. She worked with a youth group and also had the opportunity to talk on local radio.

After her talk, members of the Rotary asked questions. Ms. Dragoo said that society in South Africa is still quite divided between whites and blacks. She worked in mostly black areas. Much of her mission was done in concert with local black churches. All of the pastors she worked with were black.

There is a lot of poverty. Often affluent white areas and poverty-stricken black areas are adjacent to one another. Some areas are dangerous. Ms. Dragoo said that Johannesburg was probably the most dangerous, but because they were there working for God and helping the people they felt safe.

Ms. Dragoo said that both the discipleship training and the mission helped her to become a more confident woman and a more confident Christian. The whole experience was an opportunity to know God and to make God known.

Knowing God

Knowing God

In one instance, after an event, they went to a dump. There were hundreds of poor people scavaging through the rubbish to find things of value. Someone brought out a guitar and they conducted an impromptu service. Forty people accepted Jesus.

Ms. Dragoo also talked about how loving the children were. Many were fascinated to see a white person in their neighborhood. The children responded to love with joy. The young girls delighted in braiding her hair.

Sometimes the missionary teams had a chance to take a break on the beach. Ms. Dragoo was in South Africa during both Thanksgiving and Christmas so there was a touch of missing her family and home, but on Christmas Day, they had a big barbecue. No presents, but a joyful celebration.

Kynzie talks about sharing her faith

Kynzie talks about sharing her faith

The entire talk was an inspiring and refreshing testimony of how God is working in the world through good people to advance His kingdom. Ms. Dragoo said that she would be happy to share the story of her mission with other groups or organizations.


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