Intermountain Alchemy Arts Opening in Burney

A new business is opening in Burney!  It is called Inter-Mountain Alchemy Arts. It is located at 37499 Main Street between Superior Avenue Steel Supply and Burney Disposal.  The business is a collaborative venture by Christina Farber, Jeff McNeil and Shawn Lemmon to provide a variety of healing arts. metal arts, and electronic arts in the Intermountain area.

Christina Farber, Jeff McNeil, and Shawn Lemmon

Christina Farber, Jeff McNeil, and Shawn Lemmon

The front part of the building has already opened to the public. Christina Farber is providing hair-cuts and massage therapy. Men’s hair cuts and short-hair women’s cuts are $10. Kids’ cuts are also $10. If children are are 3-foot tall they can get their haircut on a small tractor.

Christine Farber in the barber shop

Christine Farber in the barber shop

One-hour massage therapy is $39.99.

Healing massage center

Healing massage center

In the back part of the building, Jeff McNeil is creating a sheet metal, welding, and blacksmith shop. Many people in the local area have met Jeff through his folksy western music. Jeff performed last year at the pre-fireworks program for Burney Basin Days. He has also played at the Rex Club and the Fall River Hotel. Most recently he entertained fishermen at the Fisherman’s breakfast in Old Station.

Jeff has been a blacksmith for 30 years and a horseshoer for 25 years. He loves riding horses and was a trail and pack guide in the Sierras above Yosemite for many years. Jeff has a clever eye for metal sculpture and whimsy and likes to make art out of scrap metal.

Jeff with a crab made from scrap metal

Jeff with a crab made from scrap metal

Jeff’s metal working shop and gallery is expected to be open by July, but in the meantime, you can visit and see some of Jeff’s work the front part of the building.

Jeff and Christina in front of some of Jeff's metalwork

Jeff and Christina in front of some of Jeff’s metalwork

The third component of Inter-Mountain Alchemy Arts will be located in the upstairs portion of the building. Shawn Lemmon has an electrical engineering degree from MIT. Shawn feels passionately about alternative energy and fixing computers is fun for him.

Shawn is currently overseeing all of the clean-up and design of the building. He has also been tending a garden in front of the building that was planted to provide fresh vegetables and herbs for Pacific Crest Trail hikers and the community.

Shawn’s office for electronic arts is expected to be open later this year.

The theme of the business is “Transformational Energy and Beauty.” If you want to learn more, stop by or call Christina Farber at 650-283-4322. Business hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., and on Saturday from 9 a.m. -2 p.m.


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  1. I never even knew this business existed, until now. Congratulations and well wishes to these folks. Thank you Alex for the information.

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