Intermountain Teen center starting Penny Drive for Burney Library

Young folks at the Intermountain Teen Center have been discussing possible projects they can engage in to serve the Burney community. One of the first they have decided on is a Penny Drive for the New Library. Youth from the teen center will be visiting local Burney businesses beginning on Thursday May 19th to ask business owners if they can leave a jar into which customers can deposit change as a contribution for the new library in Burney.

Teen center members with Chelsea, Kerns, and Kaylyn Harper

Teen center members with Chelsea Sabin, Melanie Kerns, and Kaylyn Harper

The drive is being done in cooperation with Shasta County and Friends of the Intermountain Library (FOIL).

Melanie Kerns, president of FOIL says, “There are many things happening to make the dream of a New Library Now! a reality. While there are several future fund-raisers being planned, the most interesting one right now, in my opinion, is the “Penny Drive!” being organized by The Intermountain Teen Center. They plan to decorate and place jars for pennies in as many businesses as possible in the Burney shopping area. The cooperation of all shoppers will ensure a successful campaign for them.”

There are many reasons to support the New Library Now! fundraising campaign for the move into a larger building, and here are the top 10:

  1. Access to a digital Library with over 40,000 downloadable eBooks and audiobooks
  2. Computer Classes class could be held
  3. Adult Literacy Programs (including GED prep), with one-on-one tutoring for adults
  4. Teen programs which might include a 3D printer, video camera, and multimedia software
  5. Veteran Resources could be shared with the Redding Library
  6. Online homework help and research tools—all accessible on your home computer
  7. Children’s Story Times in the winter as well as in the summer
  8. Volunteer opportunities
  9. Movies, i.e., film programs for all ages
  10. And best of all, all of these services are FREE!

Also, the Summer Reading Program is getting ready to start June 13. There is one for children K-4th grade, and there is an adult program. There will be prizes available each week. You can read any book, whether you check it out of the library or download it or buy it or borrow it. Go by the Library, fill out the “I read a book” card, drop it in the basket, and you will be eligible for that week’s drawing. So, Exercise Your Mind – READ!

Pledges and/or donations will help complete this project. Pledges are important because they will demonstrate to the Board of Supervisors that the Burney community is behind this improvement. Pledge forms can be found at the website.



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