Burney, Fall River and Big Valley High School Health Career Days a success

13238952_1134585916583683_5310619990633048891_nMayer’s Memorial Hospital (MMHD) reports that their three health career days went very well. The first took place at Burney High School on April 22; The second was held at Fall River High School on May 20; and the third was at Big Valley High School May 25.

The events introduced local students to career and job opportunities in both clinical and non-clinical healthcare professions. A variety of departments were represented and available to answer questions from the students.

Students were required to ask 2 questions from at least 10 departments in order to be put in a drawing. The students were attentive, had great questions, and represented their schools very well.


Organizers, Val Lakey, Director of Public Relations, and Libby Mee, Director of Human Resources, said Mayers is working on “growing our own.”

The best way to do that is to plant seeds and provide information to students as they are starting to decide what career path they want.

“Growing our own” is a wonderful model of great benefit to the Intermountain community.

By providing 13239305_1134586776583597_3189860782942223181_ninformation and opportunities for training to students and young adults in the Intermountain area, businesses, government agencies, and non-profit corporations empower local youth to plan for careers that will enable them find employment and live here in the future.

MMHD itself employs over 200 people and offers a variety of positions requiring different skill and education levels. Val Lakey affirms, “We want students to know Mayers is a place they can have a good career and be able to come back to this beautiful community to live.”

Photos courtesy of Mayers Memorial Hospital District





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