Intermountain Teen Center holds “Bring a Friend Barbecue”

The 2015-2016 school year is approaching it’s end. The Intermountain Teen Center has been in operation now for almost a year, with regular hours at locations in both Round Mountain and Burney.

This Thursday, May 26, the teens at the Burney center held a Bring a Friend barbecue at the Circle of Friends on Main Street.

Felicity, Elizabeth and Clarissa out by the grill

Felicity, Elizabeth and Clarissa out by the grill

The center was full of boys and girls talking, playing pool, doing things on the computer, and of course enjoying the delicious meal of grilled burgers with fixings, watermelon, chips, and cookies.

Burgers, watermelon, chips and home-made cookies

Burgers, watermelon, chips and home-made cookies

According to the director of the teen center, Kaylynn Harper, the hours of the teen center will change as the school year ends.

During the summer they are planning to have a number of outdoor trips, such as a camping trip in Lassen Park from June 10 to June 12.

They are also hoping to engage in service projects during the summer. One project that is already beginning is a Penny Drive for the new library.

Planning is also underway for some exciting new activities beginning in the Fall.

If you would like to get involved, support the teen center, help the penny drive, or volunteer to assist with some of the this summers activities, contact Jed Smith, Chelsea Sabin or Kaylynn Marie Harper:,

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