Burney Water District Public Meeting on Rate Hikes June 16

At the board meeting of March 17, 2016, the Board of Directors of the Burney Water District adopted a proposed preliminary budget that includes rate increases. These increases would take effect on the billing statement that customers will receive on or around July 1, 2016.

The BWB has scheduled a Public Hearing on this issue at 6:30 p.m., June 16 at the BWD office at 20222 Hudson St.,

For those who would not like the rate increase to go into effect, District Manager William M. Rodriguez has offered the following advice in his April 21 Notice of Public Hearing:

You are invited to present oral or written testimony on the proposal at the public hearing. You have the right to protest this proposed rate increase. If you do, you must submit your protest in writing, even if you plan to attend the public meeting. If written protests are submitted by a majority of the affected property owners or customers, the proposed rate changes will not be imposed.

Your written protest must be received prior to the close of the June 16, 2016 public hearing. Written protests must include a description of the parcel (parcel number) or utility (BWD) account number. Email protests will not be accepted. Send or deliver written protests to:

Board Secretary
Burney Water District
20222 Hudson Street
Burney, CA 96013

A vote on the increase will be taken by the BWD Board of Directors at this meeting.

If you would like more details about the meeting, the rate increase, and the reasons the Board has listed for this action here is the Notice of Public Hearing.


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