Little Ant and Ducky at Burney Falls State Park

Driving South on Hwy 89 on Monday July 11, I spotted two PCT hikers coming out of Burney Falls State Park carrying a big postal box full of supplies that they had just picked up.

I pulled over and asked them if they were headed into Burney. They said that they were but they already had a ride on the way.

Little Ant and Ducky at Burney Falls State Park

Little Ant and Ducky at Burney Falls State Park

So I pulled over anyway to get a picture and their trail names: Little Ant and Ducky from Montrose, Colorado.

They are thru-hikers.  They came from Colorado and began hiking from Campo on May 3. They said that they hit the Sierras just after the big heat wave that we had in June so much of the snow had melted by the time they got there. Some of the creeks were raging but not too bad to cross.

There wasn’t any more time to talk because their ride arrived. It was Burney Taxi. Apparently Burney Taxi advertises out on the trail. I wished them well on their hike and gave them my card. I told them that Burney Lodging was a contact point for PCT trail angels in Burney and to call me if they needed a ride out.

Happy trails!


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