PG&E installs safety fencing in Cassel

PG&E has installed the first portion of new safety fencing by the Cassel bridge near the post office and at Cassel Forebay.

New fence by the Cassel bridge

New fence by the Cassel bridge

In May, PG&E announced that they would be installing 330 feet of railing and fencing near its Hat Creek hydroelectric canals and powerhouses near Cassel as well as at the McArthur Canal diversion at the Tule River fishing access point along the McArthur Swamp. The first phase of installation was completed in June.

Enhanced fencing at Cassel Forebay

Enhanced fencing at Cassel Forebay

The project is still ongoing and is expected to be completed by the end of July.

New fence across the pond at Cassel Forebay

New fence across the pond at Cassel Forebay

According to Paul Moreno, spokesman for PG&E, “This project is PG&E’s idea.  We are taking a proactive approach across our hydroelectric system in identifying areas of potential risk to operations and to the public. In areas identified, we use a suite of controls to decrease the risk.  In this case we are proactively installing railing and fencing at select points along our canals and diversions where there are steep slopes and embankments without decreasing fishing recreation.”

Fisherwoman from Redding fishing below Cassel Bridge on July 4

Fisherwoman from Redding fishing below Cassel bridge on July 4

The canal by the bridge in Cassel and Cassel Forebay are two of the most popular fishing spots in the Hat Creek area. Many people who come to fish enjoy the easy access. The areas are regularly stocked by Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery.

A hard copy version of this article also appeared in the Mountain Echo 7/19/16



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3 responses to “PG&E installs safety fencing in Cassel

  1. Andrew sweet

    Nice back cast fence


  2. Phyllis Arno

    This is a disgusting eyesore! How are the kids supposed to fish there as well as the people who like or need to sit while fishing? I’m sure that PG&E has better things to do with their money than to effectively destroy the ability to fish properly in this formerly beautiful creek! Thanks a lot, PG&E!!!! NOT!!


  3. Rob Larsen

    This is a disgrace. It’s ugly and it’s difficult to fish near the post office now. PG&E should be ashamed of themselves for damaging the beauty of the area as well as making it much more difficult to fish here.


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