Yard sale and bake sale at Circle of Friends raise money for the community

Circle of Friends Wellness and Recovery Center and the Intermountain Teen Center hosted a combined yard sale and bake sale at the Circle of Friends building on the corner of Main Street and Tamarack in Burney on Friday July 15.

Intermountain Teen Bake Sale

Intermountain Teen Bake Sale

Proceeds of the yard sale will go to benefit six different local organizations. One sixth of the money goes to support activities at Circle of Friends. The remainder will be donated to SNIPP, Burney Food Co-op, Fall River Community Food Pantry, Hill Country Clinic Food Pantry,  and St. Francis Church Food Pantry.

Circle of Friends workers Front Lyn Erickson, Kimberlly Davis, BAck Jeanine Gonzales, Chelsea Sabin, Kay Hicks

Circle of Friends workers: Front: Lyn Erickson, Kimberlly Davis; Back: Jeanine Gonzales, Chelsea Sabin, Kay Hicks

The yard sale is one of several events that Circle of Friends holds to raise money for local charities. Since 2011, they have raised $10, 066. In addition to the organizations mentioned above, they have donated to Burney 4H, Burney Boosters, Community Beyond Walls, and Solid Rock Food Pantry.

Meanwhile, young people from the Intermountain Teen Center, which operates in the Circle of Friends building, were busy selling an assortment of delicious baked goods. Many of the items were baked by the teens themselves.

Jedediah Smith, Youth Program Manager for the teen center, said that money from the bake sale would go to support activities at the teen center. The main upcoming event they have planned is a 4-day trip to Santa Cruz July 19-22. Smith and Teen Program Coordinator Kaylynn Harper will be taking a group down to camp at Manresa State Beach. While there, they will spend some time at the beach and visit the boardwalk in Santa Cruz.

Circle of Friends and the Intermountain Teen Center are both projects of Hill Country Health and Wellness Center funded by Shasta County Mental Health.

A hard copy version of this article also appeared in the Mountain Echo 7/19/16




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