Rising Sun Fit Club to host Grand Opening Sneak Peak

Grand Opening Sneak PeakOn August 28 from 3-5 p.m., The Rising Sun Fit Club will host a Grand Opening Sneak Peak at their new location 37116 Main Street in Burney. The event will include a fundraising dinner, gym tours, prizes, and music.

The fundraising dinner will include carne asada, homemade Spanish rice, guacamole, dessert and a drink for $10.

Opening a full-functioning fitness facility that would cater to the whole family has been a dream of Megan Howard’s since she returned to Burney with her husband from Texas 6 ½ years ago. Living in Texas, fitness changed her life in a positive way and she wanted to help others experience the same positive benefit.

Founding member specials

Founding member specials

Megan says, “My hope is that Rising Sun can be to someone what that small little gym in Texas was to me….. A safe haven. A place that I could come with all my flaws and be loved. A place where people can change not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well!”

Her dream has developed gradually since she returned to Burney. She started out teaching workout classes wherever she could…… In the basement of the local gym, on the football field, in parking lots, etc. Sometimes she would have 2 people— sometimes as many as 10.

She began with rigorous training, but as time went by she learned to adjust the training to meet the needs of each individual. As more people began to participate, her work developed into a family fitness ministry at the Word of Life Assembly of God gym.

The WOLA gym fitness program grew with the addition of new instructors, classes, and equipment. By the summer of 2016, the program had 7 instructors and 150 participants.

WOLA is a non-profit church and a multi-purpose facility and the fitness ministry at the church had expanded to its limit.

Megan decided that “In order to grow and to continue on with the dream that I have had in my heart, it’s time to venture out and start a gym of my own! That opportunity is here, and I’d LOVE your help getting it up and running!”

Rising Sun Fit Club

Rising Sun Fit Club

She welcomes everyone.

“We realize that there is not a one size fits all when it comes to people and fitness. That is why we offer many different classes, many different instructors with different personalities, a weight room for those that don’t want to take a class, and classes for the kids!

We also want people to know that we offer more than just help changing physically. We meet needs emotionally and spiritually as well! We are there to laugh with you, cry with you, share in the good and in the bad, encourage, lift up, and walk this journey of crazy life that we are on!”








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