Hundreds come out to support the birth of Rising Sun Fitness

A new business is being born in Burney with tremendous support from the community. More than 150 people flocked to the sneak peak fundraiser on Sunday afternoon at Rising Sun Fitness at 37116 Main Street in Burney.

People signing up and getting information

People signing up and getting information

Creating a fitness center in Burney has been the dream of Megan Howard since moving back to Burney with her husband 6 1/2 years ago.

Seeing her dream finally come to realization Megan said, “I am so excited that I am speechless.”

Check out the amazing gym

Check out the amazing gym

The official Grand Opening will be Tuesday, September 6. In the meantime, Rising Sun will be offering free classes during a “Sneak Peak Week.”

  • Monday August 29 at 5:15 p.m. – Power 45
  • Tuesday August 30 at 9 a.m. – Cardio Party
  • Thursday September 1 at 6:30 p.m. – Zumba
  • Friday September 2 at 6 a.m. – W.O.D

Child care will be available in the evenings.

Great space for aerobics

Great space for aerobics

Sunday’s sneak peak was complemented by a delicious fundraiser. Supporters donated $10 for a carne asada dinner…

Lots of people supprting the fundraiser

Lots of people supporting the fundraiser

…and then relaxed to enjoy their meal socializing with friends on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Friends enjoy the carne asada

Friends enjoy the carne asada

Along the way, Megan’s dream of creating a fitness center has been nurtured and supported by her husband, her family, friends, her church, and the community. Several members of the Chamber of Commerce were present to support the opening. Honorary Mayor of Burney, Nancy Bobo, was present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Megan began teaching classes wherever she could to whomever would come. She then helped to develop the WOLA fitness ministry. As more instructors joined the program and attendance increased, the program outgrew the parameters of the ministry and this new business was born.

Megan’s father, Pastor Ken Frazier, said that he was grateful both for the role that the fitness ministry had played at the church and that the activity had blossomed into a new business.

“We want to see the community thrive,” said Frazier. “If people have a dream to do something of benefit for the community we want to help them to make it a reality.”

The birth of Rising Sun Fitness is not only the birth of a beneficial new business. The combination of individual initiative, faith, perseverance, and community support displays an excellent model for community development in the Intermountain area.


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  1. It is a very good thing to hear, something we can all appreciate. Congratulations and the best of luck to the Howards, they definitely deserve it


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