F Troop raises money for toys for kids

F Troop held a two day yard sale the weekend of September 17-18 at the Mt Burney Coffee Company. All proceeds from the yard sale go to support the club’s “Toy Run.”

Yard sale to raise money for kid's Christmas toys

Yard sale to raise money for kid’s Christmas toys

This is the Second Annual Yard Sale held by the club to raise money for the toy run. The weekend before Christmas, the Club will deliver toys to children at apartment units and trailer parks in Burney, Johnson Park, Fall River Mills, and Big Valley.

F Troop members at the yard sale

F Troop members at the yard sale

F Troop is the Burney affiliate of United Bikers of Northern California.

United Bikers of Northern California is a non-profit tax exempt charitable organization dedicated to the freedom and safety of all motorcyclists. Part of their motto is “riding to live and living to give.”

In August the club also hosted “High Bars and Low Cars” a fundraising ride to raise money for One Safe Place in Redding.

F Troop President Greg Trotter and his wife Carol said, “Special thanks to Brandon from Mt. Burney Coffee Company for letting us hold the yard sale on their property,”


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