Teens raise dough with pizza – new coordinator coming

Tuesday afternoon the Intermountain Teen Center was buzzing with culinary activity. The teens were busy preparing 43 pizzas to be delivered to eager Burney residents. Chelsea Sabin, Lynn Erickson, and Jeannine Gonzalez from Circle of Friends helped.

Teens making Pizza

Teens making Pizza photo by James Glaser

The teens raised about $350 after expenses for teen center projects including monthly field trips and activities and next summer’s field trip. The exact figure is still being calculated.

When I was a child living in San Francisco, I used to collect cards with funny captions called “Wacky Placks.” One of the cards had a picture of a goofy character peering through the fence at a construction site. The card said:

“I love work. I could sit and watch it for hours.”

That’s how I felt watching the efficiency with which these young adults prepared and wrapped these pizzas. At last I had to leave because the aroma was so tantalizing that I couldn’t keep my mouth from watering. I hope everyone enjoyed their pizzas. Thanks to all who purchased one.

During the past year of operation, the teen center has provided a great environment for kids to gather after school. There are games, computers for the kids to work on, a music room for kids who want to learn guitar, drums, mandolin, etc. Also, a room for art projects. There have been some great activities, guidance programs and discussions. Most of all it’s a great environment for friends to hang out.

Recently, Hill Country Health and Wellness Center hired a new Intermountain Teen Center Coordinator. Her name is Theresa Callahan and she will begin work next month. Ms. Callahan will replace Kaylynn Harper who did a great job as coordinator last year.

Intermountain Teen Center operates in two locations. On Tuesday and Thursday they are open from 3 to 6 at the Circle of Friends Building in Burney. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday they open at their location behind Hill Country Clinic.

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43 pizzas



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