Hundreds come out for candlelight memorial for Dave Wicks

More than 150 people came out for a candlelight memorial for Dave Wicks on Wednesday evening at Burney High School.

Dave Wicks Candlelight Memorial

Dave Wicks Candlelight Memorial

Kyle Cantrell helped to organize and oversee the event. Burney Volunteer Fire Department and Shasta County Sherriff’s Department personnel attended and businesses in town left their lights on for the evening to show their love and support for Dave and his family


Mr. Cantrell brought 300 candles for people to light. People lit all of the candles and placed them in a cleared area. Some people placed candles spelling out Dave’s name with a heart.


After all of the candles were lit, Cantrell opened up the microphone for anyone to share. The first to do so was a lifetime friend of Dave’s who had known him as a lad in Reno, had played music with him in the band Razormade, and had been present when Dave first met his wife Sonja. He said that he had never seen Dave happier than while he was living in this area with Sonja. He and Sonja shared the same joyful giving spirit.

Longtime friend John Kirk who plated with Dave in Razormade shares aa testimony about Dave

Longtime friend John Kirk who played with Dave in Razormade shares a testimony

Afterwards, many came forward to share how Dave’s goodness had touched their lives. Several shared how he had befriended them through his friendly warm-heartedness while working at the Shell Station.

A heartfelt testimony to Dave's kindness

A heartfelt testimony to Dave’s kindness

Others talked of how they had been uplifted by his music. One of his coworkers at the gas station spoke of Dave’s faith. Dave loved God and he loved people. He was kind to everyone.

A coworker talks about how wonderful it was working with Dave

A coworker talks about how wonderful it was working with Dave

Most of those who spoke shed tears as they testified to his acts of kindness. Dave was much-loved and will be dearly missed. At the end of the memorial everyone sang Dave’s name together.

There will be a memorial service for Dave at Burney High School on January 21.

To view videos of the memorial see: Videos of Candlelight Memorial for Dave Wicks Wednesday, December 28, 2016



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  1. Dave’s spirit is present with us, his nature lit up everybody he met. Not only Burney but other areas as well. He was like a warm light that lit up a dark night. His soul, heart, and mind will always be remembered. God has him in his arms now and for that I am grateful. My condolences to his friends and family, he will be missed

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