Dave Wicks Memorial Service at Burney High School

Hundreds of friends, family, and townspeople gathered in the gym at Burney High School at 2 p.m. on Saturday, January 21 to attend a memorial service for Dave Wicks.

Memorial Service for David Eugene Wicks

Memorial Service for David Eugene Wicks

The service was organized by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the community of faith in which Dave was active. Don Garloff, an elder, welcomed everyone and introduced Elder Todd Minner who gave the main address of the service.

Todd Minner speaks at the memorial Service

Todd Minner speaks at the memorial Service

Minner spoke of Dave’s birth and childhood in Carson City, Nevada, his career in music, his first marriage and children and his lifelong quest for truth. He then told of how Dave had come to Burney and met his second wife Sonja at the Rex Club while playing music. Sonja and Dave welcomed members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses into their home for Bible study and were baptized into the faith.

Dave’s faith provided stability and new sense of purpose. He actively participated in their ministry and strove to live a more righteous life in accordance with the teachings of the Bible. As time went by he hoped to assume more responsibility in the organization.

Minner testified how Dave had built “a good name” for himself as a parent, grandfather, and friend to many in the community.

Photos of Dave

Photos of Dave

To illustrate the point, Minner engaged in question and answer with one of Dave’s close friends and fellow Witnesses, Don Benton. Benton shared how one of the ladies they had visited told him that Dave had “kept her and her children alive” during a difficult time through his kindness and generosity.

After Benton shared about Dave’s inspirational character and actions, Minner read several biblical passages from the Old and New Testament explaining the view of death and resurrection in which Dave believed. He also expressed the congregation’s commitment to provide love and support for Dave’s widow Sonja and their children.

Minner finished by reading a poem “Our Dave.” The service concluded with everyone singing “Life Without End – At Last” followed by a prayer.

Elder Garloff estimated that about 400 people attended the event.

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  1. I recently saw a blurb about the memorial service through the Record Searchlight’s Youtube channel. It is very touching to see such an outreach for an amazing man. God does work in mysterious ways

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