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Candidates for 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney race welcome

Candidate registration forms for the 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney race are now available! The Mayor’s race is an opportunity to have fun and be creative as you support our community.

Candidates run by collecting donations for their favorite charity. Every dollar collected counts as one vote. Fifty percent of the funds raised will go to the candidate’s favorite local charity and fifty percent will go to the Burney Chamber of Commerce.

The winner of the 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney race will be announced at the Ice Cream Social June 29th, ride in the Burney Basin Days parade, and be honored at the Burney Fireworks program on Saturday July 1st. During the year, the Honorary Mayor will have the opportunity to represent the town of Burney at public events in Burney and other towns.

Here are the rules:

  • To be eligible to run, you must be an adult.
  • To be eligible to run, you must live or work in the greater Burney area.
  • A vote is $1.00
  • Voters can vote as often and as much as they wish.
  • The candidate who raises the most money will be the year’s Honorary Mayor of Burney
  • Money must be turned into the Chamber by 6 pm on Wednesday June 28th.

If you would like to register as a candidate for Honorary Mayor, or if you would like more information, please contact Alex or Linda Colvin 335-4221, or Jen Luck at the Burney Chamber of Commerce, 335-2111.

Candidate registration form are available at the Honorary Mayor of Burney Facebook page


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Ryan Pruitt wins Lions Student Speakers Zone Contest

Ryan Pruitt won the 2017 Lions Student Speaker Zone Contest at the Burney Lions Club on Thursday evening February 23. The event was held at the Burney Lions Hall in Burney. Pruitt will now advance to the Regional Contest that will be held on Saturday, March 25 at the Fall River Lions Hall in Fall River Mills.

Zone winner Ryan Pruitt with Lion Bill Cummings

Zone winner Ryan Pruitt with Lion Bill Cummings

Pruitt won the Burney Club contest on February 9. There are three Lions Clubs in this zone. The two other clubs did not sponsor a student speaker contest, so Pruitt was the only contestant in the zone contest.

Lion Bill Cummings, who is in charge of the Student Speaker’s Contest for the Burney Lions, explained that even though Pruitt was the only contestant, according to Lions rules he still needed to give his speech and be evaluated  by the judges.

The three judges were Gary Nunnelley, Alex Colvin, and Jann Hoechlin. Pruitt spoke for ten minutes on this years topic, “Is the right to privacy a threat to national security.” In his speech, Pruitt argued that the right to privacy is a threat to national security. Pruitt used no note cards and his well-crafted speech was accented by hand gestures and well choreographed movement on the stage.

After his speech and the tabulation of the judges scores, Pruitt was declared the zone contest winner and presented with a check for $150. Pruitt then introduced his mother Stephanie Pruitt and his speech coach from Burney High School, Melissa Madden.

This year, the Lions Fourth District Student Speakers Foundation will provide scholarships totaling $103,500.00. Fifteen District winners will each receive a $4,500.00 scholarship. Four Area winners will each receive an additional $6,500.00 scholarship, and the winner of the Multiple District Four Contest will receive an additional $10,000 scholarship.

So If he continues to advance, Pruitt could potentially earn more than $21,000 in scholarships.

Winners of the Burney Lions Club Student Speech Contest have a record of performing well at higher levels of competition. Last year’s winner Carissa Tereba won over $11,000 as she advanced to the finals.

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PG&E flying low in Eastern Shasta County to check for drought-stricken trees

REDDING, Calif. – Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will fly low by helicopter in the mountains of eastern Shasta County on Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 22 and 23) to check for drought-stricken trees near power lines.

Flights will occur over the communities of Big Bend, Round Mountain, Oak Run, Montgomery Creek and Whitmore.

Residents are advised that the helicopter will fly low – about 200 to 300 feet – along distribution power lines.

PG&E is using a contract helicopter service to fly foresters to check for trees weakened by the drought. This patrol is in addition to the annual patrols PG&E conducts along power lines to identify trees and vegetation in need of pruning and removal. Weakened trees and branches can fall into power lines, leading to outages and even wild land fires.

The drought has weakened and killed many trees and left others susceptible to disease or insects. After the flights, foresters will hike to the trees in question for a closer inspection to verify tree conditions. Once a forester confirms a tree needs to be removed, PG&E will work with the property owner to schedule a contractor to cut the tree.

Consecutive years of drought have taken a toll on trees and even some trees deemed healthy six months ago have since succumbed to the dry conditions.

The U.S. Forest Service recently identified an exponentially growing rate of tree mortality in California. In 2014, 11 million dead trees were identified throughout the state. That number grew to 40 million in 2015 and 102 million in 2016.

While tree mortality is more serious in 10 counties in the southern and central Sierra Nevada region, the Forest Service also identified increasing mortality in the northern part of the state.

Weather permitting, flights will occur between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.


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Open mic at Pit River Casino 6-9 p.m. Thursday Feb 23

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

The Pit River Casino will be holding an open mic in the River Rock Grill located inside the casino on Thursday February 23 from 6-9 p.m.

Musicians, singers, drummers and other performers are welcome. Come share your talent.

The casino will continue to hold an open mic on the last Thursday of every month.

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Circle of Friends to offer 6-week group about developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Circle of Friends will be hosting a 6-week group designed to support someone in developing their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).

WRAP is an evidence-based practice for anyone interested in crafting their own individual plan toward getting well and staying well.  It was developed by Mary Ellen Copeland in response to her owning mental health struggles and healing and has become a powerful tool for many.  This link provides a good summary  We have received wonderful feedback from people who have been attending the groups since last July.

WRAP will meet at Circle of Friends every Thursday from 10am to 1pm beginning Thursday, March 2nd and ending April 6th.  Please see the attached flyer.  We expect this will be the last 6-week group until later in the year.

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Shasta County 4-H Presentation Day at Burney High School a great success

Forty-seven students from throughout the county participated in Shasta County 4-H Presentation Day at Burney High School on Saturday February 18.

Primary 4H Presenters

Primary 4H Presenters

The program began at about 10 a.m. with an introduction and orientation by Nate W. Caeton, Program Representative II for the 4-H Youth Development Program. There were 24 judges (evaluators). Judges and presenters were divided into eight groups that met in separate rooms.


Types of presentations included illustrated talks, science and engineering presentations, educational display talks, informative prepared speeches, persuasive prepared speeches, and interpretive readings.


The presenters were divided into four age groups: Primary (5-8), Junior (9-10), Intermediate (11-13), and Senior (14-19).


Junior, Intermediate, and Senior presentations were evaluated using a system of criteria to determine how well they performed the basic skills of public speaking.


Based upon their score they received a gold or silver pin, or a red or white ribbon. Those who received a gold or silver pin can advance to the Sectional Presentation Day to be held on March 18 at Shasta College.


Primary participants were not evaluated on a point system, but received written comments on their performances from the he judges. Many of the presenters illustrated their talks with skillfully made posters and visual aids.

Ryan and Ally Trisdale demonstrate how to milk a goat

Ryan and Ally Trisdale demonstrate how to milk a goat

The presentations concluded about noon. Afterwards everyone gathered for the presentation of awards.


Melina Delaloza, a 4-H All Star Ambassadors explained the All Star leadership training, introduced the Burney 4H All Stars, and also welcomed all of the 4H past alumni who attended the event.

Every presenter received a certificate of participation. Ten gold and ten silver medalists qualified to go on the Sectional Presentation Day.

4H alumni and All Stars

4H alumni and All Stars


Kandyce Teren, a senior presenter from Redding who received a gold pin, said, “The 4-H program is an amazing program that helps youth expand knowledge in every activity they participate in as well as expanding knowledge of themselves and who they are.”

Jeanine Ferguson from Burney 4-H, who helped to organize the event, said 4-H is about “Making the best better!”

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BWD permit amended to provide lead testing for public schools

The State Water Resources Control Board has issued a permit amendment to the Burney Water District water supply permit establishing requirements for lead monitoring and sampling at Kindergarten through 12th grade public schools served by the Burney water system. The Burney Water Board discussed the lead testing for local schools at their regular board meeting on Thursday February 16.

This is a voluntary program. Eligible schools can contact the Burney Water District to request testing and a plan will be devised and implemented within 90 days of the request.

The amendment by the State Water Board Resources Control Board is a preemptive action to avoid water quality issues such as occurred in Flint Michigan. For more information call the Lead Sampling for Schools Specialist at (916) 449-5577.

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