Alyson Jones and Cheyenne Wilson named Students of the Month at BHS

Alyson Jones and Cheyenne Wilson were honored as February Students of the Month at the Burney Lions Club on Thursday evening February 17. Alyson Jones was named 12th grade student of the month and Cheyenne Wilson was named 8th grade student of the month.

BHS Principal Ray Guerrero, Cheyenne Willson, Alison Jones, and Lion George Whitfield

BHS Principal Ray Guerrero, Cheyenne Wilson, Alyson Jones, and Lion George Whitfield

The students were introduced by Burney High School Principal Ray Guerrero. Lion George Whitfield, who oversees the Student of the Month Program for the Burney Lions, presented each of the students with a check.  Alyson Jones was awarded $100, and Cheyenne Wilson received $50.

Cheyenne Wilson has a grade point average of 4.0. She loves school, spending time with her family and watching movies. She is good at coloring and school. She would very much like to go to Hawaii. When she finishes high school she hopes to go to college and the find a “dream job.” Her parents Camee Johnson and Tony Wilson and two sisters came to watch Cheyenne receive her award.

Alyson Jones has a 3.57 grade point. She likes spending time with her friends and family and enjoys “helping out in the community.” She is a member of the Leos, FNL, S-Club, Leadership, and Interact. After graduation she plans to become a Veterinary Tech.

Alyson loves travel. When Principal Guerrero asked her which country in Europe she would like to visit, she answered “all of them.” After becoming a vet tech, she hopes to travel the world. Alyson’s parents Mike and Cheri McClung attended the program to watch Alyson receive her award.

After presenting the students with their awards, Whitfield asked one parent of each student to say a few words. Tony Wilson told his daughter to keep it up and do well. Alyson Jones had a tear in her eye as her father praised her for her achievement.


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