Honorary Mayor Candidates rally for their charities at Bailey Park

Candidates came to Bailey Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, April 1, to pitch their charity and talk about their campaigns to a gathering of friends, supporters and interested townspeople.

Honorary Mayor Candidates Shaylene Herndon, Mary Francis Unterreiner, Jill Daugherty, Ralph Freitas, and James Glaser (not pictured: Dana Hauge and Anna Denny)

Altogether, seven candidates are in the running to support their favorite charities and the Chamber of Commerce. Five of the candidates, Shaylene Herndon, Mary Francis Unterreiner, Jill Daugherty, Ralph Freitas, and James Glaser were present at the park. Anna Denny and Dana Hauge were unable to attend because of scheduling conflicts but their campaigns were represented.

Ralph Freitas campaigning for Make-a-Wish

Each candidate gave a short speech about the charity they are running for and their vision.

Ralph Freitas spoke first about Make-a-Wish Foundation. He also said that he would like to work to improve the parks in Burney and to encourage more young people to volunteer in the community. People can donate to his campaign at the USA gas station and several other locations. All donations will go to Make-a-Wish in Shasta County.

Shaylene Herndon, who is raising money for Tri-Counties Community Network gave a stirring speech about stopping crime in Burney. She modeled her talk on Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Donations are being collected at the Intermountain Community Center.

Shaylene Herndon with Tri-Counties Director Cindy Dodds and Brian Maas

Mary Francis Unterreiner addresses the crowd

Mary Francis Unterreiner talked about the St. Vincent de Paul program at St. Francis of Assisi Church. The program provides food and other assistance at several locations in the Intermountain area.

Mary will be collecting donations in person on the streets of Burney, inspired by the example of Mother Theresa.

Jill Daugherty is running for the Burney Citizens Patrol, local volunteers that rely on  contributions from the community to help prevent and reduce crime. Jill said that the patrol is also seeking more volunteers. They do house checks and act as “eyes and ears” to help the Sheriff’s Department. Some of the members of the patrol came to support her efforts. People can donate to her campaign at Tri-Counties Bank.

Jill Daugherty with supporters from Citizens Patrol

Jim Glaser, a member of the Burney Lions Club, is raising money for Boy Scout Troop 38. He spoke with pride about how the Boy Scouts develop leadership skills and serve the community in many ways.

Jim would also like to build a race track around Burney. People can donate directly to any local Boy Scout or at locations where he will be placing collection boxes around town.

Dana Hauge is running for Burney 4-H. She was unable to come to the event because it was her daughter’s birthday and they had previously made other plans. However, she wrote a speech that was read by Burney Chamber Office Manager Jen Luck in which she detailed the multifaceted benefits of the organization for local youth.

Dana wants to raise money so that any child who wants to participate in 4-H will be able to. Dana also said that she would like to see an indoor-outdoor youth and community complex that would accommodate sports, meetings, performances, and other activities. In her vision. a second phase would include “facilities for a major league ball team.”

Candidate Anna Denny

Anna Denny also could not make it because she was busy running her restaurant as well as baking brownies and preparing food for a local student’s senior project. The student is having a banquet to raise money for local youth activities.

Anna is raising money for Burney High School Sober Grad Night. On Anna’s behalf, Jill Daugherty explained that the event provides a safe and fun environment for students to celebrate their graduation. Jill has assisted with the event in the past. Anna has a collection jar for her campaign at Anna’s Country Kitchen.

Jen Luck emceed the event and introduced the candidates. She also reminded everyone about the upcoming Ham Run in Burney Falls Park and encouraged everyone to come.

Refreshments were provided by the Burney Safeway store.

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Anna Denny running for 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney
Mary Francis Unterreiner running for 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney
Shaylene Herndon running for 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney
Ralph Freitas running for 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney
Dana Hauge running for 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney
James Glaser running for 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney



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