Pastor Henry Winkelman 2017 Grand Marshall of Burney Basin Days Parade

Pastor Henry Winkelman will be the Grand Marshall of the 2017 Burney Basin Days Parade on Saturday, July 1. He and his wife Penny have been serving the Intermountain community since 1988.

Pastor Henry Winkelman

Pastor Winkelman has served as Pastor of the Grace Bible Community Church for 29 years. He has counseled many in the community, performed numerous weddings and wedding vow renewals, as well as doing over 200 funerals for family, friends, church members and others in the community.

He has worked with the Shasta County Chaplaincy for over 25 years since it was formed when Phil Eoff was Sheriff. As a Sheriff’s Chaplain, he has ridden with deputies on shifts, served as a Chaplain at Military Days and participated at Every 15 Minutes programs at Burney and Fall River High School.

Pastor Winkelman conducts Chapel Services at long term care in Burney. Before that he did Chapel services at Mayers Memorial Hospital.

For two years he was the Chaplain for a week at McArthur-Burney Falls State Park. He couched little league when his sons were young. He sponsored the Christians Making a Difference Club (CMD) at Burney High School for three years and served on the board of the Mountain Christian Academy.

Pastor Winkelman came to Burney with his family when he was two years old. He was raised in Burney, attended Shasta Junior College, and then graduated from the Sacramento Bible Institute in 1975.

In 1976, he married Penny Goza who was also raised in Burney. He served as a Pastoral Intern in Vallejo and then in 1977, he and his wife moved to San Jose where he pastored a Bible Church for eleven years. Four of their nine children were born in San Jose. Pastor Winkelman and his wife had five more children since returning to Burney in 1988.

The Winkelman Family sings every year at the Community Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. They also provide a delicious Christmas dinner and gifts at their Church for people who have no place to go on Christmas day.

Speaking of his work, Pastor Winkelman said, “I would not be where I am today without the Lord Jesus Christ, who changed my life when I was 14 years old here in Burney, and the faithful support of my wife of over 40 years. Thank you for the privilege of serving the community here in Burney. “


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