Kid Fit off to a great start

Kid Fit 2017 is off to a great start. So far, two events have taken place.
On June 13, 91 kids and their parent/guardians attended the opening Kick Off off at Bailey Park on June 13. Children from toddlers to teens participated in a variety of activities and games ranging from soccer to hula hoops.

Kick-Off for Kid Fit Summer 2017

Next, on June 20, 55 children came out to Burney Falls for another fun and active family event.

Kid Fit at Burney Falls

The Kid Fit program is organized locally by Bright Futures and Tri Counties Community Network. It began in 2006 to address the obesity epidemic that was threatening the health of children in our country.

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. The program has 7 goals:

  1. Decreasing the incidence of Childhood Obesity in our region
  2. Increasing the level of physical activity by local families
  3. Raising awareness of healthy lifestyle choices
  4. Increasing use of our local parks, facilities, and other community programs
  5. Broadening understanding of healthy food and snack choices
  6. Building a stronger community by gathering families together in a healthy proactive way, and
  7. Collaborating with already established community events.
All together this year, Kid Fit is hosting five fun filled events. For the next event, Kid Fit will host a Family Track and Field Night as one of the opening events of this year’s Burney Basin Days on Thursday June 29 at Burney High School.
This year’s Kid Fit Program was made possible by a $5000 donation from Pit River Casino.
Shaylene Herndon, Kid Fit project manager said, “We cannot thank Pit River Casino enough for making this all happen. Let help our kids stay up and active this summer.”
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