2017 Burney Basin Days Opening was Great!

This year’s Burney Basin Days began Thursday evening June 29 at Burney High School. The opening event combined an Ice Cream Social, the Kid Fit Family Track and Field Event, and the announcement of the winner of the 2017 Honorary Mayor’s Race.

Hundreds of kids, parents, volunteers, residents, and visitors to Burney turned out to share in the fun, refreshment and excitement.

The Kid Fit event began as 6 p.m, with a 100 yard race by children 5 and under.

Winner of the under five 100 yard dash

The track and field competitions took place on the track and football field from 6-8 p.m. Young people from toddlers to teens competed in eleven different events including Frisbee and softball throw, 3-legged races, gunny sack races, 100, 200, 400 yard and mile races, long jump, tug-of-war, a diaper race, and a bubble gum competition.

Flying through the air

Beginning at 6, Jen Luck, Sandy McCullar and other Burney Basin days volunteers were busy serving ice cream with chocolate, caramel, and strawberry toppings and sprinkles. The ice cream and toppings were donated by Jill Barnett from High Country Real Estate and Dave Winningham from Winningham Insurance. 2016 Honorary Mayor Nancy Bobo helped to organize the ice cream social.

Lining up for ice cream

Beautifully designed 2017 Burney Basin Days T-Shirts were also for sale. If you didn’t get one yet, don’t worry they will be available at the parade, the fireworks, and the Burney Chamber office.

2017 Burney Basin Days T-Shirts Available

At 7 o’clock, the sports events took an intermission as the crowd gathered around the bleachers to hear the announcement of the winner of the 2017 Honorary Mayor’s Race.

The Honorary Mayors race is a fun and creative way to raise money for non-profit charities. Whoever raises the most money wins. Money raised will be divided between the candidates chosen charities and the Burney Chamber of Commerce.

Burney Chamber of Commerce Office Manager Jen Luck introduced all of the candidates and the charities that they were raising money for.

2017 Honorary Mayor Candidates James Glaser, Jill Daugherty, Ralph Freitas, Mary Francis Unterreiner, Shaylene Herndon, and Dana Hauge (Anna Denny unable to attend)

This year’s candidates were Jill Daugherty,  raising money for Burney Citizens Patrol, Shaylene Herndon for Tri Counties Community Network, Mary Frances Unterreiner for St Vincent De Paul, Anna Denny for Burney Sober Grad Night,  Ralph Freitas, for Make-A-Wish Foundation (Shasta County),  James Glaser, for Boy Scout Troop 38, and Dana Hauge for Burney 4-H.

The new 2017 Honorary Mayor of Burney is Jill Daugherty who campaigned for Burney Citizen’s Patrol!

2017 Honorary Mayor Jill Daugherty receives her ribbon form Nancy Bobo

It was a close race. Ms. Luck announced that the seven candidates had raised a total of more that $5,500. All of the candidates and their organizations were wonderful. Each candidate was a joy. Ralph Frietas came in a very close second and Mary Unterreiner was not far behind. God bless them all and God bless the people who generously contributed to their campaigns.

Shaylene,  Ralph, and Mary each spoke briefly expressing their gratitude and hopes for Burney. Pictures were taken and then it was back to the ice cream and the races.

Mayors Jill Daugherty and Nancy Bobo with Jen Luck

Thanks to all of the volunteers and participants who worked together to make the start of Burney Basin Days such a fun filled family event. Also, special thanks to the Pit River Casino for sponsoring Kid Fit Summer 2017. Happy Burney Basin Days! Here’s a schedule of more events to come. Enjoy them all.


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