The following is a press release from Shasta County Health and Human Services dated June 29:

SHASTA COUNTY – Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency wants to remind the community that marijuana use is restricted to those 21 years and older, must be done away from public view, and affects a person’s ability to drive safely.

California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) prohibits use of marijuana anywhere the public may see, including inside vehicles parked in a public place, public parks and trails. Driving with marijuana available to the driver or passengers also is against the law.

“Proposition 64 comes with rules. Those who want to use recreational marijuana need to make sure they do it legally and responsibly,” said Terri Fields-Hosler, Shasta County’s Director of the Public Health Branch, Health and Human Services Agency.

That means even though recreational marijuana use may be legal for adults, users also may be subject to employer restrictions as part of a drug-free workplace rule. The same is true of landlords, who may prohibit marijuana use in their rentals.

Recreational marijuana sales are not available until the state develops retail marijuana regulations, which are likely to be introduced in 2018. Marijuana may not be shared or sold to minors.

A local informational campaign on the new law will be rolled out this spring, along with information to education about the potential dangers of marijuana use for teens.

“Marijuana research suggests that use by those under 21 carries risk of long-term damage to the brain,” said Dr. Andrew Deckert, Shasta County’s Public Health Officer.

The campaign will also remind the motoring public that driving under the influence of marijuana is prosecuted the same as driving under the influence of alcohol, since both affect judgement and reaction time and increase fatal crash risk..

Anyone interested in more information about marijuana regulations or how to talk to their children about the risks of drugs and alcohol are encouraged to visit, a website designed to help parents learn more about substance use and prevention for their children.


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  1. This is good information to remember and hopefully follow. Thank you for the heads up

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