Mud Run Fun!

161 children and their families turned out to enjoy the 2017 Kid Fit Mud Run.

Mud run fun

This was the final of five Kid Fit events for the summer of 2017. Kid Fit was organized this year by Bright Futures supervisor Shaylene Herndon with the help of Dana Hauge, parent volunteers, and the Tri Counties Network. The Pit River Casino provided a generous donation to fund the Kid Fit program this year.

Shaylene Herndon. What a beautiful smile!

Registration began at 6 p.m. At 6:15 children and parents began gathering at  the starting line.

Getting ready to race

Children ranging from toddlers to teens participated. The race was organized by age with the youngest going first.

The race is on


Hurdling the hay bales


Racing through the tunnel


Leaping into the mud


Parental guidance


Up the other side and back for more


Who would have thought this could be so much fun


Enjoying the mud


Sharing the mud


Washing off in the sprinklers


Prizes for all

For more about Kid Fit 2017 see:

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2017 Kid Fit Family Track and Field Event Rocks

Kid Fit kick-off Tuesday June 13 at 6 p.m.

Pit River Casino donates $5000 to fund Kid Fit Program



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