New Resident Deputy Sheriff for Eastern Shasta County

Nicholas “Nick” Tepley has been assigned as a Resident Deputy for Eastern Shasta County.

Shasta County Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Tepley

Officer Tepley has been married for two years and lives in Round Mountain. He has served as a law enforcement officer for over four years. He was a deputy Sheriff in Contra Costa County for two years. He served as a police officer for Napa State Hospital for two years. He has been with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office for four months.

In his future career, Tepley hopes to serve on SWAT, Search and Rescue, and Dive Team.

Lieutenant Tyler Thompson said, “We are happy to have Nick up here and we are sure he will do a great job.”

There are now six deputies serving the Intermountain Area of Shasta County. There are also  two supervisors, one detective, and one community service officer.

Deputy Tepley said, “I look forward to being of service to you all.”


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