Free Kayak Seminar coming March 31

Donna Sylvester is offering an in-house kayak seminar at the Mt. Burney Theatre. It is scheduled for Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 1pm. Admission is free. Subjects covered will be kayak safety, kayak types and selection, paddle types and selection, required gear, optional gear, great places to go kayaking around the Intermountain area and beyond, invasive species and your responsibility, effective strokes, mental health as it relates to kayaking and anything else you are curious about.

Donna  says, “I do not sell kayaks or gear so have no monetary interest in kayak, paddle or gear suggestions. My suggestions are simply based on my experience and expertise.  Whether you already own a kayak , are thinking about buying one or even if you have been kayaking for years, this seminar is for you. We can all learn new things to compliment our lives.  Slides of photos taken while kayaking will be shown on screen during the presentation. If you have favorites and want to share them on screen, send me a high resolution copy and I will put them in my slide show for this event.  If you are interested, mark your calendar!”

This event is highly recommended for all because Donna is a seasoned adventurous and her slides are awesomely breathtaking.


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