Comment and Questions for the School Board Regarding the Mental and Emotional Health of the Student Body April 11, 2018

I believe that most of the students in our schools are really wonderful children and young adults. They are learning, active in sports and clubs, and engage in fun, interesting, and challenging extracurricular activities. Many are active in church youth groups and organizations that motivate them to serve the community. Guided by loving parents, concerned teachers, and other caring mentors they are they are not only gaining knowledge and skill but also developing healthy character.

Some students, however, for various reasons, may develop negative attitudes and behaviors that could become harmful for themselves and others.

Not wishing to jump to conclusions, I felt that it would be helpful to gain an assessment of whether or not there were troubling trends over the past few years. Therefore, I addressed the following public comment to the Fall River Joint Unified School District on April 11.

Below the video is a written outline of my comments.

In any case, I encourage people to pray for the youth of our community, their parents and families, and teachers and schools so we can have a good loving environment for our young people to grow up in.

Public Comment by Alex Colvin 4/11/18

Premise: Two missions of the School

  1. Education in knowledge
  2. Socialization and reinforcement of positive norms of behavior


Do you have some gauge for assessing of the mental and emotional health of the student body regarding:

  1. Attitude toward authority
  2. Behavioral problems amongst students such as
    1. bullying,
    2. at risk behaviors,
    3. disruptive speech or behavior,
    4. signs of mental or emotional problems indicating tendencies toward violence or suicide
    5. racial antagonism

Have you detected any trends or changes regarding the above attitudes and behaviors over the past few years? If so, have these changes given rise to any disciplinary problems within the classroom or the school. If so, how are these problems being addressed?



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