Katie Small running for 2018 Mayor of Burney

Honorary Mayor Candidate Katie Small

Katie Small has announced that she is running for 2018 Honorary Mayor of Burney. Katie is raising money for the Burney Athletic Department.

Katie announced, “Ok everyone I’m running for mayor! I have a late start!! So need all the help I can get!! All proceeds go to Burney sports!! … please help the kids!!!”

Katie is the fourth candidate to join the race. The other three candidates are:

  • Jen Luck, running for Burney Beautification;
  • Ralph Freitas, running for the Burney Fire Department #17; and
  • Destiny Tavares, running for Burney VFW and American Legion.

Sandy McCullar, president of the Burney Chamber of Commerce wrote, “For those that don’t know how this fun program is run; it is a $1.00 to vote for your favorite candidate. The one with the most money is “elected” Mayor of Burney. Each candidate will receive 50 percent of the money donated for their cause, with the other half going to the Burney Chamber of Commerce. You can find the candidates money cans at various businesses around town. If you would like to meet them in person, they will be at the Burney Chamber’s general meeting on June 12th at Gepetto’s Pizza at 12 noon.”

Thank you Katie Small for joining the race!

For further information on the 2018 race for Honorary Mayor of Burney, please contact Sandy McCullar at the Burney Chamber of Commerce.

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