2018 Honorary Mayor’s Race Platforms

On Tuesday June 12, candidates for 2018 Honorary Mayor of Burney got together at the Chamber of Commerce meeting at Gepetto’s Pizza to introduce themselves and the organization for which they are raising funds.

Katie Small, Jen Luck, Sandy McCullar, J.P. Wheeler and Ralph Freitas

Chamber President Sandy McCullar gave each candidate an opportunity to make a brief statement.

Jen Luck is raising funds for Burney Beautification. She would like to put up signs and renew the mural between the Burney Dry Cleaners and the Alpine to make Burney more beautiful for residents and visitors. She also said that she would like to see a Parks and Recreation Department that would beautify the parks and increase their creative use for people of all ages including both youth sports activities and outdoor senior programs such as painting or quilting. Jen closed by saying, “Don’t be a schmuck, give Luck a buck!”

Katie Small is raising funds for Burney Athletics. Katie said, “Help Katie Small bring back the beauty of all and help the kids play ball!” Money raised will go to help youth sports in Burney meet whatever needs they may have.

Ralph Freitas is raising funds for the Burney Fire District. Chief Keady has told him that they need new pagers for the volunteers. Ralph also recounted how grateful he was for his experience running for mayor last year after which he was able to present a sizable donation to the Make A Wish Foundation for Shasta County on radio at Mount Shasta Mall in Redding and testify to the generosity of people in the Burney community. Ralph loves raising money for good causes.

Destiny Tavares was represented by the J.P. Wheeler, Commander of VFW Post 5689. Destiny is raising funds for the VFW and The American Legion. She wants to support past, present, and future veterans. Wheeler said the veterans want to become more community minded. Destiny wants to do things to support those young people who are choosing to go into the military to support our country, thus honoring past, present and future veterans.

After statements, McCullar asked each candidate several jovial questions on topics ranging from elephants to penguins, favorite little known places, when summer really begins, advice on mowing lawns, battling giant ducks and small horses, funny things that have happened in one’s life, and how to spend a million dollars from Bill Gates on your best idea for Burney. Amidst a chorus of laughter each candidate quick-wittedly displayed their worthiness for Mayor.

The annual race for Honorary Mayor of Burney is an election in which any one can vote for as many candidates as they want as many times as they want. Each dollar donated counts as one vote. Generous donors are encouraged to try to buy the election!

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