Kid Fit Games kick off 2018 Burney Basin Days

2018 Burney Basin Days began with an exciting panorama of Kid Fit Track and Field Games at the Burney High School Football field at 6 p.m. on Thursday July 5.

First to the finish

More than 150 people came to share in the opening event which included Kid Fit sports, an ice cream social, and the announcement of the 2018 Honorary Mayor of Burney.

Forty-nine parents and 63 children signed up to participate in the competitive athletic activities including races, long-jump, water-balloon tossing, tug 0′ war and other fun events.

A tough tug o’ warrior

Precarious water balloon tossing


A champion ball-splasher

Ribbons were awarded to winners, and prizes given to all who participated.

There was even a race for parents.

Parents race

In between events, folks enjoyed ice cream and sprinkles at the social sponsored by the Burney Chamber of Commerce. Ice cream was donated by Jill Barnett.

Lining up for ice cream

All the while, a group of Burney High School Raiders in animal costumes cheered everybody on.

An assortment of Raiders supporters

The Kid Fit Track and Field Night was the fourth of five 2018 Kid Fit events. Kid Fit is organized locally by Shaylene Herndon from Bright Futures, Dana Haugue from Full Fitness Spectrum, and Tri Counties Community Network. Burney High School Senior Hailey Shaver assisted Shaylene Herndon in the program for her Senior Project.

Pit River Casino donated $5000 to fund the 2018 Kid Fit program in Burney. Additional funds were also provided by Mountain Cruisers and PG&E Employees Funds.

The last Kid Fit Event will be the  Mud race and obstacle course on Bailey Avenue and family swim night at the Raymond Berry Community Pool on July 12.


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