School Board introduces new teachers and vice-principal for 2018-2019

Nice new certificated employees of the Fall River Joint Unified School District were introduced at the Board of Trustees meeting in Burney on Wednesday, September 12.

New FRJUSD certificated employees: Front, Erica Harper; Row 2, Becky Mock, Laura Lakey, Lisa Oilar, Hailey Stevenson; Back, Jennifer Arntson, Lori Carlson, Lauri Strandberg, Jeremie Neuville

Jennifer Arntson will be the new English Teacher at Burney High School replacing Melanie McDonald.

Lori Carlson has been hired as Burney Community Day Teacher replacing John Mirande.

Erica Harper will be TK Teacher at Fall River Elementary School replacing Alicia Snow.

Laura Lakey has been hired at Resource Teacher at Fall River High School replacing John Villani.

Becky Mock is the new Alternative Education Teacher for Mt. View replacing Andre Villani.

Jeremie Neuville will be the new Spanish Teacher at Fall River High School replacing Mario Teran.

Lisa Oilar has been hired for the Vice Principal Position at Fall River High School replacing Kelly-Freeland Sloat.

Lauri Strandberg will be teaching Chemistry at Fall River High School replacing Taylor Sloat.

Hailey Stevenson has been hired as K-6 Teacher for Burney Elementary School replacing Amber Wooden.

In addition to the nine employees introduced at the meeting, one other teacher, John Putt, has been hired as Ag/CTE Teacher for Burney High School. Mr. Putt was unable to attend the meeting.

Hailey Stevenson, who grew up in the Intermountain area, is very excited about her new position. Raised in Big Valley, she graduated from BVHS where she was very active in sports, FFA, and FCCLA. Her sister, Morgan, also teaches at Burney Elementary. In 2011, Hailey was Inter-Mountain Fair Queen.

After graduating she attended college in Butte and Chico and will finish her masters degree in October.

Ms. Stevenson said, “I love seeing the impact that learning has on students’ lives. I love to see that moment when understanding lights up a learner’s eyes.”


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