FRJUSD Students Pay It Forward

On October 3, twenty-three students from Soldier Mt. High School, Burney Community Day School, and Mt. View High School accompanied by their teachers, Jeff Earnest, Lori Carlson, and Becky Mock, traveled to Anderson to do community service at the Haven Humane Society Spay and Neuter Clinic. This is the first field trip the alternative school programs have been on outside of the local area in over five years.

Teachers Becky Mock, Jeff Ernest, and Lori Carlson with Mountain View, Soldier Mountain and Burney Community Day School students ready to depart for Anderson

Haven Humane Spay and Neuter Clinic is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to decrease pet overpopulation. The students work was especially helpful after a recent influx of surrendered pets as a result of the summer fire storms in our area.

The group cleaned up various aspects of the shelter, such as brushing and clearing the shelter’s walking path with trail tools. When the work was done, the students had fun visiting with the animals.

Jeff Earnest, Chris Herrera, Shanay Littlefeather, Anglelo Pauli, Silver Stanley, and Mateo Johnston clearing the trail at Haven Humane Society

The trip was inspired by Pay It Forward Day, a global movement in which more than 80 countries have participated. The movement was inspired by the 1999 novel Pay it Forward written by Catherine Ryan Hyde, released in 1999. The book was adapted into a movie in 2000, starring Kevin Spacey , Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment.

Destiny Lawson hard at work

International Pay It Forward Day Founder, said, “Pay it Forward Day…is a time when each of us can get to experience the ‘Power of Giving.’”

Becky Mock, teacher at Mt. View High School, said, “We are building a new reputation for our schools. Service to others strengthens our communities and character. Students have pride in knowing that they are now part of a global movement. This experience also helps our high school Seniors to complete their graduation portfolio requirements, and gives them work experience to cite on their resumes.”

After returning from the trip, tenth grade Mt. View High student Anthony Harris said, “We did something for the whole community of Redding that needed to be done. I feel great about that!”

For the Mt. View High and Soldier Mountain students’ next field trip they will attend Shasta College Preview Day on October 5.


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