FOIL action plan for new library

I just want to keep everyone up to speed on the fast approaching climax of five years of preparation by Friends of the Intermountain Library (FOIL) for expansion of information services for the Intermountain Area in a new library building in Burney. A meeting is being scheduled for FOIL to present their action plan. This meeting will probably take place within the next month and the date will be announced to the public as soon as it is scheduled.

This time the status of the Burney branch of the Intermountain Library and whether the $400,000 grant set aside for a new library will be released may be decided. At their last hearing on this issue, the Board of Supervisors voted to make it an action item.

If FOIL’s plan is approved the new library building will be almost twice as large. It will have private rooms for tutoring, study, counseling and consultations. There will be a meeting room for community meetings. Rotary has approved $25,000 for a children’s section. There will be more computers with excellent broadband access. The library will be in a central location on Main Street with ample parking and improved air conditioning and heat. There will be improved services for all citizens of all ages in the Intermountain community and visitors to the area, including some services for veterans and people searching for employment. People will have access to the extensive databases and resources that a modern public library offers.

Below are the images from the power point presentation on background history of the library and the FOIL action plan for the purchase and development of a new library building in Burney with improved services for the Intermountain area. Kim Niemer,  Community Services Director for the City of Redding presented the plan at a meeting at the Burney Lions Club on January 22.

Burney Branch Library Timeline 1

Burney Branch Library Timeline 2

Burney Branch Library Timeline 3

Burney Branch Library Timeline 4

Burney Branch Library Timeline 5

Burney Branch Library Timeline 6

Burney Branch Library Timeline 7

Burney Branch Library Timeline 8

Ms. Neimer concluded her presentation by saying, “This is sort of our Hail Mary. If we don’t do this project at this time on this building, we know we lose the Rotary money because that money is going away quickly, there’s not really any other building on Main Street that is suitable, and I think that the patience and focus at Shasta County on this project goes away too. So now is the time if this is going to happen. I think we have before you a plan that is very viable and feasible. Now is the people part.”

There are five Supervisors on the Shasta County Board of Supervisors. In order for the project to be approved, three Board Members of the Board will need to vote in favor of the plan.

People can contact all of he individual members of the Board. The members of the Board of Supervisors and their Email addresses are as follows:

Joe Chimenti, District 1 (Redding)
Leonard Moty, District 2 (Centerville, French Gulch, Happy Valley, Igo/Ono, Keswick, Platina, Shasta, South Redding, Verde Vale)
Mary Rickert, District 3 (Bella Vista, Big Bend, Burney, Cassel, Fall River Mills, Hat Creek, McArthur, Montgomery Creek, Oak Run, Old Station, Palo Cedro, Pittville, Round Mountain, Whitmore)
Steve Morgan, District 4 (Castella, Crag View, Lakehead, Shasta Lake, Mountain Gate)
Les Baugh, District 5 (Anderson, Cottonwood, Millville, Manton, Shingletown, Viola)

In addition to Emailing the individual Supervisors, you can also send an Email to the whole Board at

For more information please contact Pat Pell, FOIL President, 335-7236 or

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