Soroptomist Awards

The Soroptomists International of Burney-Fall River held an awards ceremony on Wednesday May 8 at the Burney Veterans Hall.

The Ruby Award for $100 for community service was given to Anna Denny from Anna’s Country Kitchen.

Jill Daugherty with Ruby Award Winner Anna Denny

Citizenship Awards were given to three students from Fall River Mills and three students from Burney high school. Each student was given $500.

Soroptmists Ralene Metcalf, Jill Daugherty, and Ctizenship Award Winners Kaitlyn Lakey. Joanna Jasperse, Kristen Maier, Alexus Bellino, Cassandra Taylor, and Deborah Ford

The Like it, Dream It Award was provided to Cheyenne Alcarez. Cheyenne is the main supporter of her family and continuing their education. Altogether, Cheyenne received an award of $1000, half in the fall and half in the spring.

Jill Daugherty with Live It Dream It Award Winner Cheyenne Allcaraz

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