General Mission

This blog site is a personal project of Alex and Linda Colvin. The purpose is to provide a site that is easy to navigate and gives people a glimpse of life in Pit River Country. I believe that “communication builds community.”


For local people that that means a heads-up on upcoming events and reports on some of the activities that have taken place. I hope that this site will provide a glimpse of the people, businesses, churches, community and service organizations, youth groups, and government agencies help shape life in the Round Mountain, Big Bend, Burney, Fall River Valley, Big Valley, and Hat Creek communities.


For people from outside the area, I hope to display some of the many opportunities for recreation and outdoor activity that they may enjoy in this area. This includes fishing and hunting, kayaking, camping, swimming, hiking, bicycle trails, our fairs and festivals, barbecues, etc. Nestled between Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen in the Southern Cascades, blessed with an abundance of spring-fed waters, with streams, lakes, and waterfalls, and one of California’s major rivers, the Pit, surrounded by volcanic terrain, we are blessed with abundant natural beauty and resources.

Pacific Crest Trail

We are very fortunate that the Pacific Crest Trail passes through our area. Each year, thousands of adventurous hikers pass through Pit River Country. We are located about half-way along the PCT. There are trailheads near Old Station, Baum Lake, Hwy 299 near Burney, Burney Falls State Park, and Rock Creek Falls.  It’s a great opportunity for local residents to hike sections of the trail.

Many of the long distance hikers stop in Burney to rest, resupply, pick up packages, or rendezvous with friends and family. I like to give them rides to and from the trail. Each hiker has a unique life-story and interesting stories about their journey, as well as useful information about the trail.

So I like to post stories and pictures of the PCT hikers that I meet. I want the hikers to know that his area is PCT friendly. I want the hikers to be able to read the stories about themselves and other hikers that they have met on the trail.. I try to include information on trail conditions that will be useful for other PCT hikers. I hope that these little documentaries will be of interest to hikers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.


Finally, for history buffs, I hope that this site, via articles and videos will help record some of the fascinating stories of this area. The history includes the traditions of the various bands of the Achomawi, the Atsuge, the Wintu, and the Modoc nations. The history of the area also includes the tales of the fur trappers who came through calling the Pit River the Upper Sacramento, as well as the settlers, ranchers, loggers, and others who followed.

Because my time, resources and abilities are limited, I can not hope to cover everything. I have added a links page with links to a lot of sites with more news and information. I hope that people will use this site as a gateway to further exploration.

How did this all get started?

In the Spring of 2015, as I was working with the Burney Basin Days Committee to organize music for the fireworks program sponsored by the Rotary Club, I attended a joint mixer of the Chamber of Commerce at Clearwater Lodge. While there, I met Elizabeth Taylor who was beginning a new group working with both chambers to promote tourism to the Burney/Fall River area. Elizabeth invited us to come to a meeting at Gepetto’s Pizza.

At the meeting, she mentioned that there was an Internet site named MyOutDourBuddy.com that covered outdoor news for Northern California and Southern Oregon. She had met the publisher, Frank Galusha, and been told that they had no one to submit articles on outdoor news and events for the Intermountain area. I volunteered and shortly afterward began to do so.

I began with a short fishing report after talking with Sean Lewis at Burney Sporting Goods.  Then I wrote on outdoor events like the Rex Club Day Car Show, the Rotary Club Craft Show, Pioneer Day at Fort Crook Museum, and the Pit River Pow Wow. I also wrote an article for the Burney Basin Days Committee on Tommy George, the 2015 Grand Marshall of the Burney Basin Days Parade. This article appeared in both the Mountain Echo and The Intermountain News.

About the same time I got the idea of doing short videos interviewing interesting people who had stories to tell about the life, institutions and history of the area.

When I met a woman at the Mountain Jubilee in McArthur who had missed one of the articles, I decided that it would be good to start a blog with the past articles combined with the videos I was starting to do.

During Fall and Winter 2016, I began to add more articles on events that were not outdoor events. Frank Galusha retired in December, 2016 and I have not submitted articles to My Outdoor Buddy since that time, although I may do so in the future when I think an article is appropriate for that publication.

More recently, in June 2016, Walt Caldwell from Mountain Echo asked if I would like to submit articles as a “stringer.” Since that time, many of my Pit River Country articles are also published in an edited hard-copy version in the Mountain Echo.

Past Articles gives a complete list of all articles not listed on the home page. The search engine is quite effective if you are looking for a particular individual, topic, or event. You can also browse articles by date or category using the Archives.

The site continues to evolve. I appreciate input. If you are an organization holding an event and would like me to publicize it, please give me a call or send me a press release. If you have a story to tell and wouldn’t mind sitting down for a 15 minute video, give me a call.

Alex Colvin, publisher, writer, and photographer
Linda Colvin, editor and photographer


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  1. Alex

    This is a terrific website and I’m sure will be of great benefit to the Intermountain Community. Great job!


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