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2018 Honorary Mayor’s Race Platforms

On Tuesday June 12, candidates for 2018 Honorary Mayor of Burney got together at the Chamber of Commerce meeting at Gepetto’s Pizza to introduce themselves and the organization for which they are raising funds.

Katie Small, Jen Luck, Sandy McCullar, J.P. Wheeler and Ralph Freitas

Chamber President Sandy McCullar gave each candidate an opportunity to make a brief statement.

Jen Luck is raising funds for Burney Beautification. She would like to put up signs and renew the mural between the Burney Dry Cleaners and the Alpine to make Burney more beautiful for residents and visitors. She also said that she would like to see a Parks and Recreation Department that would beautify the parks and increase their creative use for people of all ages including both youth sports activities and outdoor senior programs such as painting or quilting. Jen closed by saying, “Don’t be a schmuck, give Luck a buck!”

Katie Small is raising funds for Burney Athletics. Katie said, “Help Katie Small bring back the beauty of all and help the kids play ball!” Money raised will go to help youth sports in Burney meet whatever needs they may have.

Ralph Freitas is raising funds for the Burney Fire District. Chief Keady has told him that they need new pagers for the volunteers. Ralph also recounted how grateful he was for his experience running for mayor last year after which he was able to present a sizable donation to the Make A Wish Foundation for Shasta County on radio at Mount Shasta Mall in Redding and testify to the generosity of people in the Burney community. Ralph loves raising money for good causes.

Destiny Tavares was represented by the J.P. Wheeler, Commander of VFW Post 5689. Destiny is raising funds for the VFW and The American Legion. She wants to support past, present, and future veterans. Wheeler said the veterans want to become more community minded. Destiny wants to do things to support those young people who are choosing to go into the military to support our country, thus honoring past, present and future veterans.

After statements, McCullar asked each candidate several jovial questions on topics ranging from elephants to penguins, favorite little known places, when summer really begins, advice on mowing lawns, battling giant ducks and small horses, funny things that have happened in one’s life, and how to spend a million dollars from Bill Gates on your best idea for Burney. Amidst a chorus of laughter each candidate quick-wittedly displayed their worthiness for Mayor.

The annual race for Honorary Mayor of Burney is an election in which any one can vote for as many candidates as they want as many times as they want. Each dollar donated counts as one vote. Generous donors are encouraged to try to buy the election!

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John and Deanna Ospital Honored Guests for Burney Basin Days

This year’s Honored Guests for the Burney Basin Days Parade are John and Deanna Ospital.

2018 Honored Guests Johnny and Deanna Ospital

John “Johnny” Ospital was born in Stockton. In 1950, his father John Sr. moved to Round Mountain to work in the lumber business. The Ospitals are of Basque heritage and the rest of John’s father’s family were involved in sheep herding. John’s mother was full-blooded Italian.

In 1957, when Pete Norbaitz relocated his business to Burney, the Ospital family moved to Burney.

John met Deanna Lee in 1958 at Fall River Joint Unified High School. Deeana, from McArthur, is the granddaughter of William Lee, one of the settlers of McArthur who owned and operated the Lee Ranch.

John and Deanna were married at St. Francis Church in Burney in 1962. They raised two daughters who graduated from Burney High School.

John enjoyed playing music, so after graduating he went to college to study music. He found that the emphasis was on training to be a music teacher. He was more interested in playing live music.

He also realized that what he wanted was a job and a nice little house with a white picket fence where he and Deanna could settle down to raise a family. John went to work for Scott Lumber Company helping to produce and market Fertimulch, an innovative product created by the Scott Lumber Company in Burney.

In 1963, his father bought a garage in Burney and John worked together with him running Ospital Service. Next, John worked as a sales representative for AAA insurance .Then he worked for 29 years for Citizens Phone Company that became Frontier. During his varied career, John continued to pursue his love for music by performing as a drummer throughout the Intermountain area.

Deanna got a job at Lorenz Lumber. After her children were born, she stayed home to care for them until they reached the age at which they had full school days. Then she returned to work, still doubling as a mom after school.  She worked for Louisiana Pacific, Fiberboard, Big Valley Lumber, and finally, Dicalite

While working and raising a lovely family, John and Deanna served the community in numerous ways over the decades.

They have been involved in Burney Basin Days and community activities since the early 1960’s through the Jaycees and the Jaceettes.

Deanna has been a member of the Soroptimists for more that 25 years. She has helped with the Christmas tree lighting ceremony since its inception.

John was a charter member of Burney Rotary. He has been an active participant in the Burney Chamber of Commerce since 2000 and was very involved in the Burney Beautification Project.

Both John and Deanna have helped organize the Burney Basin Days Parade for the past  13 years. In recent years, they have also helped to facilitate the Chamber of Commerce Ham Run.

Throughout their years of service to the Burney Community they have always maintained a “can do” spirit and radiated an atmosphere of good cheer.

Expressing their optimism and love for Burney, John and Deanna said, “We look forward to seeing energetic people continue the traditions of Burney Basin Days bringing fresh ideas to the celebration and the community.”

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Kid Fit Inaugural at Washburn-Bue Park

It was a beautiful day at Washburn Bue Park as scores of children, parents, and volunteers turned out for the inaugural event of KID FIT Summer 2018 on Tuesday evening June 12.

Kid Fit is a program that began in 2006 to address the obesity epidemic that was threatening the health of children in our country. The purpose of the program is to promote healthy lifestyle choices for children and families in the Intermountain area.

Kid Fit is organized locally by Shaylene Herndon from Bright Futures, Dana Haugue from Full Fitness Spectrum, and Tri Counties Community Network. Burney High School Senior Hailey Shaver is assisting Shaylene Herndon in the program for her Senior Project.

Organizers prep the kids

Pit River Casino donated $5000 to fund this years Kid Fit events. Additional funds were also provided by Mountain Cruisers and PG&E Employees Funds.

Tough Competition

Activities for the kids included Hula Hoop, tug-a-war, soccer, whiffle ball, jump rope, and lacrosse. Children from toddlers to teens participated.

Having a ball

This little tiger is running a race all his own

Tuesday evening’s kick-off festival at the park was the first of a series of\ events that will take place each week until July 12.

Upcoming events will be:

Tuesday June 19: Burney Falls night hike with free admission to the park.

Tuesday June 26: Family sports night at Bailey Park

Thursday July 5: Family track and field night at Burney High School Football field as one of the opening events for Burney Basin Days

Thursday July 12: Mud race and obstacle source on Bailey Avenue and family swim night at the Raymond Berry Community Pool.

All events begin at 6 p.m. For more information call Shaylene Herndon at 530-335-4600.

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Bill Baldwin named 2018 Burney Basin Days Parade Grand Marshall

Bill Baldwin will be Grand Marshall for the 2018 Burney Basin Days Parade on Saturday, July 7.

2018 Grand Marshall Bill Baldwin and his wife Tina

Mr. Baldwin was born in Omaha, Nebraska and lived in Utah and Idaho before moving to California around the end of World War II. After graduating from high school, he married his first love Sue. Together they had four wonderful children: Nanette Marie, Janine Rose, Daniel Joe, and Dean Carrol. He earned a Bachelor’s degree and is a member of the St. Francis Catholic Church in Burney.

“Burney has been my home for 46 years and has been the most tragic and the most wonderful experience of my life. On New Year’s Day 1985, God called my wife Sue to be with Him – the most tragic day of my life. I met the second love of my life, Tina, and on March 20, 1987 we were married. We have been constant partners in everything we do up to and including now. I loved two girls and I married them both.”

Mr. Baldwin served in the military for 5 and 1/2 years with 31 months combat duty in Vietnam. He was a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger with the 5th Special Forces Group. During that time he received numerous decorations including two purple hearts, two bronze stars, and a Presidential Unit Citation. He was honorably discharged in 1968.

He has worked for Publishers, worked in the woods, worked as a handyman and roofer, and as a substitute teacher. He retired from Shasta County Public Works after 17 years of service.

Mr. Baldwin has helped with many community improvements and served many organizations. He was involved in the restoration of the Little League Park. He coached both Little League and Youth Basketball League. He served on the Fire Board, as PTA president, and as a Burney High School Project Mentor.

He is a life member of American Legion Post #441 where he has served as Youth Commissioner for more than 20 years. This year his family created the Bill Baldwin Community Service Scholarship Fund that is administered by the American Legion. Mr. Baldwin was able to present the first scholarship at this year’s Senior Awards Assembly.

As an original member of the Burney Veterans Honor Guard he served in positions from Rifleman to Commander.

Although he is not a member, he proudly supports Burney VFW Post 5689 and all other Veterans organizations.

Baldwin says that hunting, fishing, camping, and wood gathering are high on his list of activities that he enjoys, but “spending time with my wife Tina and our families is right up at the top.”

Grateful to be named this year’s Grand Marshall, Baldwin humbly said, “I am very fortunate to have been recognized by Burney and my friends and members in times past, but nothing so much as this honor.”

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Volunteers come out to beautify Burney

Burney Beautification volunteers came out to lay new chips on Christmas Tree Lane on Friday morning.

Levi Beason laying out new chips for Burney Beautification

Don and Jill Binger brought a trailer full of fresh chips. The day’s work was done both as part of the Beautification Committee’s regular upkeep and landscaping and also to prepare for Burney Basin Days. Levi Beason and young Bradey helped to load and spread the chips. Ann Wilburn was also there early to help.

Don Binger spreading chips

Before long Bobby Lindgren and Buck Buchanan also came to help.

Buck Buchanan ready to rake

The Burney Beautification Committee is made up of community-minded volunteers. There is a fund at Tri County Community Center that people can donate to help support the effort to improve and upkeep the town’s landscape. Money from the fund was used to purchase the chips.

Jill Binger, Bonnie, Bobbie Lindgren, and Levi Beason filling the wheelbarrow

Jen Luck is running for 2018 Honorary Mayor of Burney to support Burney Beautification.

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Katie Small running for 2018 Mayor of Burney

Honorary Mayor Candidate Katie Small

Katie Small has announced that she is running for 2018 Honorary Mayor of Burney. Katie is raising money for the Burney Athletic Department.

Katie announced, “Ok everyone I’m running for mayor! I have a late start!! So need all the help I can get!! All proceeds go to Burney sports!! … please help the kids!!!”

Katie is the fourth candidate to join the race. The other three candidates are:

  • Jen Luck, running for Burney Beautification;
  • Ralph Freitas, running for the Burney Fire Department #17; and
  • Destiny Tavares, running for Burney VFW and American Legion.

Sandy McCullar, president of the Burney Chamber of Commerce wrote, “For those that don’t know how this fun program is run; it is a $1.00 to vote for your favorite candidate. The one with the most money is “elected” Mayor of Burney. Each candidate will receive 50 percent of the money donated for their cause, with the other half going to the Burney Chamber of Commerce. You can find the candidates money cans at various businesses around town. If you would like to meet them in person, they will be at the Burney Chamber’s general meeting on June 12th at Gepetto’s Pizza at 12 noon.”

Thank you Katie Small for joining the race!

For further information on the 2018 race for Honorary Mayor of Burney, please contact Sandy McCullar at the Burney Chamber of Commerce.

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Intermountain Community Yard Sale coming Saturday June 9

If you would like to get on the map for the INTERMOUNTAIN COMMUNITY YARD SALE taking place on SATURDAY, JUNE 9TH. Entry forms are now available at . 

The link will take you to the Burney Chamber of Commerce Community Events page that will also show major upcoming events for the year including the schedule of events for Burney Basin Days.

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