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2 Wheels 2 Mobility awards bike to Chris Herrrera

Bill Campbell presented a bicycle to Chris Herrera at the Alternate School, just outside the IM Fairgrounds, on Wednesday morning December 19.

The bicycle was awarded on behalf of 2 Wheels 2 Mobility, a project of the Burney-Fall River Bicycle Association that provides refurbished bikes to local citizens in need of transportation in the area.

Bill Campbell presents a bicycle to Chris Herrera Photo courtesy of Lisa Barry

Mr. Campbell said, “Chris came to my attention with Mr. Estes Letter to the Editor (Mt Echo) describing how Chris ran from his Fall River Mills home to the Intermountain Fairgrounds, four miles, to return keys he had inadvertently taken home.  Important fact is Chris ran after midnight.”

Describing Chris, Hummer Estes, one of his employers, said “Ethics and integrity, two words that fit hand in hand with this kid.”

This is the fourth bicycle awarded by the “2 Wheels 2 Mobility” program.


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New bike rack at Ray’s Market

Ray’s Market Manager Marty Stryker added a service beside the store’s northside parking lot in Fall River Mills. Healthy Shasta donated the really nice art piece masquerading as a bike rack. Burney-Fall River Bicycle Association members Bill Johnson and Bill Campbell installed the rack.

Ray’s Market Manager Marty Stryker shows the new bike rack

Shasta County Health and Human Services Department donated three racks to the Intermountain Area. A second Fall River Mills bike rack will be installed closer to the community’s business center in the near feature. A Burney rack is located at Safeway.

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Local civic groups provide tricycle for Johnson Park resident

Bill Campbell and Lisa Barry presented Johnson Park resident Shiree Hardman with a tricycle as part of “2 Wheels 2 Mobility,” at the September 13 meeting of Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River.

Lisa Barry, Community Organizer, Shasta County Health and Human Services and Bill Campbell present Shiree Hardman with a tricycle during a Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River meeting. Photo courtesy of Bill Campbell

“It was like Christmas,” Hardman said, describing her excitement and gratitude.

“2 Wheels 2 Mobility” is a program of the Burney-Fall River Bicycle Association that provides individuals without motorized transportation a refurbished bicycle.

Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River funds the project supplemented with private contributions. Dr. Henry and Fran Patterson donated three helmets and locks.

Hardman desperately needed personal motorized transportation. Her ability to walk long distances was inhibited by several illnesses. Getting to the grocery store was a challenge.

Community Organizer Lisa Barry, who works for Shasta County Health and Human Services, contacted bicycle association president Bill Campbell about Hardman’s situation.

Knowing a tricycle assured Hardman’s stable balance when riding, they attempted to find a used tricycle. After a fruitless search, they purchased a tricycle from project partner Redding Sports, LTD, who generously discounted the cost.

Hardman is the second “2 Wheels 2 Mobility” recipient.

Shasta County Health and Human Services and Burney based Tri-County Community Network help identify and screen applicants. Individuals without personal transportation who are interested in receiving a bicycle should contact either of the Burney-based social service agencies.

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Special Presentation of bicycle to Sammy Nalton at Rotary

Bill Campbell presented a restored bicycle to Ms. Sammy Nalton at the Rotary Club meeting at Gepetto’s Pizza in Burney on May 3. The presentation was part of 2 Wheels 2 Mobility, a project of the Burney-Fall River Bicycle Association that will provide refurbished bikes to local citizens in need of transportation in the area.

Bill Campbell, Sammy Nalton, and Shaylene Herndon holding Sammy’s Baby Aiyana with bike for Sammy

Shaylene Herndon holding 10 month old Aiyana Nalton

As well as being a past president of the Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River, Campbell is also president of the Burney-Fall River Bicycle Association. In the course of his activities, some people began to donate bicycles that they no longer had use for.

Bill got the idea of refurbishing the bikes and making them available to people in need. He discussed the idea with Cindy Dodds from Tri County Community Network. She liked the idea and referred him to Shaylene Herndon who works at the Community Center in Burney with First 5 Shasta and Bright Futures. Shaylene recommended Sammy as a worthy recipient for the first bicycle.

The Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River Foundation approved a $1000 grant to the Burney-Fall River Bicycle Association for the project. Bill then contacted Redding Sports Ltd with whom he has done business. They agreed to refurbish the bikes at a discount. The cost of repairing Sammy’s bicycle was $104. The result of this collaborative community effort was Thursday’s presentation.

Bill helping to adjust the bike for Sammy with the help of Cindy Dodds

Ms. Herndon introduced Sammy and her ten-month old daughter Aiyana at the Rotary meeting and announced that because Sammy has a little one she has also applied for and received a grant to purchase a trailer in which Aiyana will be able to enjoy a safe ride.

Mr. Campbell also presented Sammy with a nice bicycle helmet and lock that were paid for by a donation from Henry and Fran Patterson.

The Burney-Fall River Bicycle Association was formed to identify and promote bicycle routes and events to attract an infusion of new money into the region. They will continue to offer community service projects related to cycling.

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4K for Cancer Cyclists stop in Burney on their way to San Francisco

Twenty young adults riding bicycles cross country to show support for young adults and their families impacted by cancer arrived in Burney on Saturday afternoon. This was Day 63 of their 70 day ride from Baltimore to San Francisco.

4K for Cancer riders at Gepetto’s with Kathy Newton and Sarah Clarke

The riders enjoyed a wonderful pizza dinner at Gepetto’s compliments of Bob Moore with salads made by Burney community gardeners.

After dinner the group went to visit Burney Falls and then spent the night at the Word of Life Assembly of God gym. They left Baltimore on June 4 and plan to finish their ride at Chrissy Field in San Francisco around noon on August 12.

Sara Brown from Fredericksburg, VA and Meldrick Umahon from Livingston, New Jersey are the group leaders for the ride.

Nate Fanzione, Jen Wedekind, Meldrick Umahon, and Sara Brown

Umahon said that two spectacular highlights of the journey were their rides at Crater Lake and through Rocky Mountain National Park. He said that the warm welcome they received  in Arapahoe, New Mexico was also very special. They were there on July 4 and were invited to ride in the Independence Day Parade.

The 4K for Cancer is a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, a non-profit organization that changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. The headquarters of the organization is located in Baltimore.

One of the riders from Columbia, Maryland, Nate Fanzone said, “The 4K for Cancer is my way of showing support for all young adults impacted by cancer. We ride in solidarity with their fight and UCF stands side by side with the cancer community every stop of the way.”

Group leader Umahon said, “I’ve been inspired by the human passion to fight and keep going in life. The 4K for cancer explores the heart, mind, and spirit of motivated individuals to make change. I could not be more honored to serve humanity and letting others continue to laugh and love.

Kathy Newton from WOLA and Sarah Clarke helped to host the cyclists during their stay in Burney.

Articles on past 4K for Cancer events:

4K for Cancer Runners enjoy pizza at Gepetto’s

WOLA provides rest stop for 4K for Cancer Runners

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McCloud Bike-toberfest scheduled for September 24th

ride start

The 5th annual McCloud Bike-toberfest will be Saturday, September 24th. Offering supported rides for both mountain and road bicycles, event organizers predict that the 5th will be the best yet. The rides are designed to give participants a good taste of the historic town and surrounding Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

“The format – rides in the morning, downtown festival and cyclo-cross in the afternoon – remains the same, “event organizer Claudette Silvera explained. “We’ve added a kids’ zone this year and are inviting bicycle-related vendors to set up booths. Cyclo-cross races (four levels) will challenge participants and thrill spectators.”

The McCloud Dam Road Bike Ride, a 30 mile (2-3 hrs.) ride is rated moderate to difficult. The hilly ride takes you through meadows, aspens, and the return has a spectacular view of Mt Shasta. McCloud Scenic Road Bike Short Ride, 12.5 miles (1-2 hrs.), rated easy to moderate follows the longer ride route, with a turnaround at Friday’s resort.

The Great Shasta Marathon Mountain Bike Ride, a 30 mile ride (4 hrs.) is rated moderate to difficult. It begins at Algoma Campsite on single track McCloud River Trail, then connects to the Great Shasta Rail Trail, returning to Main Street, McCloud. McCloud Mountain Bike Short Ride covers 12 miles (1-2 hrs.), rated easy to moderate, beginning Main Street, continuing through the Old Mill property, and onto the Great Shasta Rail Trail.

Asked what they liked about the event, last year’s participants were happy to share with quotes like: “beautiful ride, scenery, just enough climbing, and good rest stops,” “friendly people, sweet single track,” “being with other riders,” “nice people and atmosphere,” and “street faire/local food and music.”

Bicyclists are invited to go to and sign up to ride.

The McCloud Chamber of Commerce and the Great Shasta Rail Trail Association expressed gratitude to event sponsors. This year’s gold sponsor, the McCloud Hotel, and silver sponsors Black Fox Timber Management Group, Dunsmuir Brewery Works, McCloud Guest House, McCloud Outdoors and Gear Exchange, McCloud River Inn, McCloud River Mercantile Hotel, The Fifth Season, and White Mountain Café are essential parts of the event, which benefits the Great Shasta Rail Trail.

Vendor applications and more information about McCloud Bike-toberfest is available at or by calling 530 964-3113.

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Shasta Bike Challenge Participants Bike Enough Miles to Circle the World Nearly 2.5 Times

SHASTA COUNTY- Participation in this year’s Shasta Bike Challenge exceeded all expectations with 460 local riders bicycling enough miles to loop around the world nearly 2.5 times (equivalent to 60,463 miles) in only 3 weeks! On average, 171 cyclists a day took to the streets and trails in our community and logged a trip in the local challenge. Shasta County made its presence well known in the nation as it ranked top 5 on the National Bike Challenge during the 21 day local challenge. The average rider mileage per day was 16.8 miles between May 1st-21st.

“I had not ridden my bike in over 20 years and after hearing about the Shasta Bike Challenge, I was motivated to start riding again. I started the challenge off by commuting to and from work a few times a week, along with some recreational rides on the weekends with my daughter. Since riding, I have lost over 12 pounds and I have started eating healthier,” said Ron Col Jr., a first time participant in the Shasta Bike Challenge.

Top performing teams in the 2016 Shasta Bike Challenge included:

  • Top overall workplaces- Cal Fire Smoke Chasers, City of Redding, Shasta Regional Medical Center
  • Top schools- Shasta High School, Anderson New Tech, and Redding School of Arts
  • Outstanding Performance- City of Redding, Shasta Regional Medical Center, & Caltrans
  • Top team (non-workplace, non-school) – Shasta Wheelmen

It’s not too late to give it a try. The National Bike Challenge continues through September 30th. For Shasta County residents, a local prize will be randomly selected out to participants who log a trip during June, July, August, or September. Participants will be entered into the drawing for the month they rode. Additional results and details about the Challenge, tips for bicycling, and a link to the National Challenge can be found at

Shasta Bike Challenge is organized by variety of agencies, clubs, and businesses to encourage more people to bicycle more often and to encourage people who have not bicycled in sometime to give it a try.

Shasta Bike Month & Challenge is supported by: Healthy Shasta, Shasta Wheelmen, Shasta Safe Routes to School, Redding Electric Utility (REU), Owens Healthcare, Shasta Living Streets, Caltrans District 2, Redding Area Bus Authority (RABA), City of Redding, Chain Gang, Enjoy Magazine, First 5 Shasta, Sports LTD, The Bike Shop, Trails & Bikeways Council of Greater Redding, Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Village Cycle, Shasta County HHSA-Public Health, Shasta Rock Club, The Harvest Company, Rare Air Trampoline

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Bike and Build bikers stop for night in Cassel

On May 24, thirty-one young dedicated young men and women gathered in Charleston, South Carolina to begin a 4200 mile bicycle ride across America to raise money for affordable housing. On August 1, they rode from Alturas to Cassel where they stopped for a night’s rest and recreation at the Cassel Volunteer Fire Hall. An reception was organized by Michael and Melanie Kerns.

On their way they also had a rest stop at Pitville Road hosted by Edna Eades, Glendra Tuller and Tracy Wintersteen. Eades, Tuller, and Wintersteen came for the dinner and program in Cassel.

Melanie and Michael Kerns with the 31 bikers

Melanie and Michael Kerns with the 31 bikers

The bikers were riding for Bike and Build, an organization that raises money for affordable housing. Most of the riders are college graduates, age 26-29. The group visiting Cassel is one of eight national rides. They started their journey from Charleston, South Carolina on May 24 and will end their ride on August 9 in Santa Cruz. Along the way, they spent 17 “Build Days” where they stopped to work on affordable housing projects. Work done included framing, painting, roofing, drywalling, and landscaping.

Before the trip each rider raises at least $4,500 and gets to choose what housing program the money they raise will benefit. This group of 31 young adults raised about $500,000 dollars. The top fundraiser in the group raised over $12,000. Altogether since the program began in 2003, Bike and Build has raised $5.2 million.

After riding from Alturas, the bikers were hot and tired, happy to take a shower before dinner. The Casssel Firehall was filled with bicycles packs, and sleeping bags.

Bikes and bags in the community senter

Bikes and bags in the community center

The Kerns and other volunteers had prepared a delicious spaghetti and meat ball dinner with root beer floats for desert. During the dinner, riders chatted freely with visitors and volunteers detailing the joys of their trip and their reasons for participating.

Nora Jane Montgomery

Nora Jane Montgomery

Nora Jane Montgomery from Louisville, Kentucky, one of the four leaders of the group said, “This is my first Bike and Build Trip and it has been both difficult and rewarding to be able to participate in this effort to raise awareness for affordable housing.”

With only eight days left before they finished their trip, a sense of accomplishment and confidence permeated the atmosphere.

Meg Howell from North Carolina

Meg Howell from North Carolina

Meg Howell, a charming young lady from Greenville, said that it was wonderful to “push myself and see the country at 15 miles an hour.”

After dinner, all thirty one cyclists introduced themselves, told where they were from, what college they attended, and what field they had majored in. The majors ranged from English and theology to environmental studies, public policy, and mechanical engineering. It was an amazing array of knowledge.

One pair of graduates from Annapolis, Maryland have been friends since childhood and were thrilled to be able to bike across country together.

Lifelong friends from Maryland biking together cross country

Lifelong friends from Maryland biking together cross country

One of the leaders of the group, John Daniel Acevedo had also served in the Marines for four years after graduating. He did two tours in the Southeast Pacific. He loves to travel, and hopes to explore Mexico City and tour the entire Mediterranean coast.

The other two leaders of the group were Hope Hart from Ellenboro, West Virginia, and Dylan Maguire. Participants in the ride came from 21 different states.

Six presenters explain various aspects of the trip

Six presenters explain various aspects of the trip

Six representatives of the group gave a very enjoyable and informative presentation. Each speaker explained a different aspect of the program.Topics included preparation for the trip, the build days, the grant program, a typical day, and safety.

After the presentations, the guests departed and bikers watched a Harry Potter movie before settling down for a good nights sleep. The next day they were planning to ride to Mt. Lassen and then hike to the top. On August 9, they will complete their journey to Santa Cruz.





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