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Mountain Valley Wellness Week 2017

The first of five health fairs organized by Mountain Valleys Health Clinics took place at the Safeway in Burney on Monday August 14 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Community Wellness Week 2017 at Safeway

It was very visible from the highway, so lots of people pulled in or stopped after shopping to explore some of the health services in the Intermountain area.

There were 14 booths representing various health providers and agencies plus the Burney Fire Department.

Mountain Valleys offered a $20 blood draw which included lipid panel, comprehensive metabolic panel, and a complete blood count. They also provided $10 tests for hemoglobin, prostate (PSA), and Thyroid (TSH), as well as a $20 test for Vitamin D.

Terri Schmitt from Big Valley Clinic mans the Mountain Valley booth

Meyer’s Memorial Hospital had a booth with information about their services at which they provided free blood pressure tests.

Mayers Memorial at Wellness Week 2017

Dr. Roces and Jeanette Braccialini from the Burney Dental Center were there.

Maria Roces DDS and Jeanette Braccialini  from Burney Dental Center

The Intermountain-Modoc Shriner Club had a booth.

Intermountain Modoc Shrine Club with two young friends

Among the other agencies represented were Health and Human Services, Head Start, and booths helping with tobacco addiction, aging, and other health issues.

Visitors were also treated to a delicious lunch with a broccoli/bacon salad, an oriental noodle salad, and a healthy apple.

Community Wellness week will continue through the week with 9 a.m. -1 p.m. health fairs at:

  • Plumas Bank in Fall River Mills on Tuesday, August 15
  • Adin Community Park in Adin on Wednesday, August 16
  • Veterans Park in Tulelake on Thursday, August 17, and
  • City Hall in Dorns on Friday, August 1

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4K for Cancer Cyclists stop in Burney on their way to San Francisco

Twenty young adults riding bicycles cross country to show support for young adults and their families impacted by cancer arrived in Burney on Saturday afternoon. This was Day 63 of their 70 day ride from Baltimore to San Francisco.

4K for Cancer riders at Gepetto’s with Kathy Newton and Sarah Clarke

The riders enjoyed a wonderful pizza dinner at Gepetto’s compliments of Bob Moore with salads made by Burney community gardeners.

After dinner the group went to visit Burney Falls and then spent the night at the Word of Life Assembly of God gym. They left Baltimore on June 4 and plan to finish their ride at Chrissy Field in San Francisco around noon on August 12.

Sara Brown from Fredericksburg, VA and Meldrick Umahon from Livingston, New Jersey are the group leaders for the ride.

Nate Fanzione, Jen Wedekind, Meldrick Umahon, and Sara Brown

Umahon said that two spectacular highlights of the journey were their rides at Crater Lake and through Rocky Mountain National Park. He said that the warm welcome they received  in Arapahoe, New Mexico was also very special. They were there on July 4 and were invited to ride in the Independence Day Parade.

The 4K for Cancer is a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, a non-profit organization that changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. The headquarters of the organization is located in Baltimore.

One of the riders from Columbia, Maryland, Nate Fanzone said, “The 4K for Cancer is my way of showing support for all young adults impacted by cancer. We ride in solidarity with their fight and UCF stands side by side with the cancer community every stop of the way.”

Group leader Umahon said, “I’ve been inspired by the human passion to fight and keep going in life. The 4K for cancer explores the heart, mind, and spirit of motivated individuals to make change. I could not be more honored to serve humanity and letting others continue to laugh and love.

Kathy Newton from WOLA and Sarah Clarke helped to host the cyclists during their stay in Burney.

Articles on past 4K for Cancer events:

4K for Cancer Runners enjoy pizza at Gepetto’s

WOLA provides rest stop for 4K for Cancer Runners

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Mayers Memorial Hospital District receives ACHD certification

Mayers Memorial Hospital District (MMHD) has met all of the criteria to be one of only 17 healthcare district’s in the state to be a Certified Healthcare District.

The Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD) Chief Executive Officer Ken Cohen presented MMHD with their certificate at the July 26 MMHD Board meeting.

Association of California Healthcare District CEO Ken Cohen, Valery Lakey and Louis Ward at the July 26th MMHD Board meeting.

California Healthcare Districts respond to the specialized health needs of California communities. Voters have created 79 Healthcare Districts to fill distinct gaps in local health care services – from wellness and prevention to emergency rooms and long-term care. 54 of these Districts serve the state’s rural areas. Mayers Memorial Hospital District became a district in 1969.

As Public Entities, Healthcare Districts have well defined obligations for conducting business in a manner that is open and transparent.  To assist members in demonstrating compliance with these obligations, the Governance Committee of the Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD) has developed a core set of standards referred to as Best Practices in Governance.  Healthcare Districts that demonstrate compliance with these practices receive the designation of ACHD Certified Healthcare District.

When notified in March that MMHD had achieved this designation, MMHD Chief Executive Officer Louis Ward said,

Earning the designation of a Certified Healthcare District by ACHD is an honor and a proactive step in maintaining the confidence of the people we serve. The certification assures our community that we are committed to the responsibilities we have as a District. We will always work with the best interest of the residents of the Intermountain area in mind; to provide essential quality care and access to health care in our rural setting.

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Mountain Valley Health Centers Community Wellness Week

Coming soon to a location near you!

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19th Annual Good Medicine Health Fair

On July 14, the Pit River Health Clinic held its 19th Annual Good Medicine Health Fair. There were both indoor and outdoor booths featuring more than 50 non-profit organizations, public services, and businesses providing health care service in the Intermountain area.

Lourdes Manzo from Health and Human Services at the Health Fair

Hundreds of people attended. Those who registered and gathered signatures from at least 20 booths received a free t-shirt. There was also a drawing for prizes and a wonderful chicken lunch provided for all who registered.

The health care topics included medical, dental, mental, and financial health. Some of the booths provided free tests for blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. California Highway Patrol and US Forest service also had booths to discuss public safety and fire prevention.

Indoor booths at the Health Fair

Even SNIPPP was there to talk about animal health and pet adoption!

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Shasta County health leaders express concern about senate version of health bill

Val Lakey, director of public relations for Mayers Memorial Hospital, and Lynn Dorroh, director of Hill Country Wellness Center, were two amongst a number of health care leaders in Shasta County who spoke at a press conference in Redding on June 27 expressing concern about the health care bill pending in the US Senate. You can see the story with video on the Record Searchlight website

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The following is a press release from Shasta County Health and Human Services dated June 29:

SHASTA COUNTY – Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency wants to remind the community that marijuana use is restricted to those 21 years and older, must be done away from public view, and affects a person’s ability to drive safely.

California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) prohibits use of marijuana anywhere the public may see, including inside vehicles parked in a public place, public parks and trails. Driving with marijuana available to the driver or passengers also is against the law.

“Proposition 64 comes with rules. Those who want to use recreational marijuana need to make sure they do it legally and responsibly,” said Terri Fields-Hosler, Shasta County’s Director of the Public Health Branch, Health and Human Services Agency.

That means even though recreational marijuana use may be legal for adults, users also may be subject to employer restrictions as part of a drug-free workplace rule. The same is true of landlords, who may prohibit marijuana use in their rentals.

Recreational marijuana sales are not available until the state develops retail marijuana regulations, which are likely to be introduced in 2018. Marijuana may not be shared or sold to minors.

A local informational campaign on the new law will be rolled out this spring, along with information to education about the potential dangers of marijuana use for teens.

“Marijuana research suggests that use by those under 21 carries risk of long-term damage to the brain,” said Dr. Andrew Deckert, Shasta County’s Public Health Officer.

The campaign will also remind the motoring public that driving under the influence of marijuana is prosecuted the same as driving under the influence of alcohol, since both affect judgement and reaction time and increase fatal crash risk..

Anyone interested in more information about marijuana regulations or how to talk to their children about the risks of drugs and alcohol are encouraged to visit, a website designed to help parents learn more about substance use and prevention for their children.

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