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Madelyn Keep and Langston Tate chosen as BHS May Students of the Month

Madelyn “Mattie” Keep and Langston Tate were honored as May Students of the Month at the Burney Lions Club on Thursday evening May 18. Madelyn Keep was named 12th grade student of the month and Langston Tate was named 8th grade student of the month.

Lion George Whitfield, Madelyn Keep, Langston Tate, and Principal Ray Guerrero

The students were introduced by Burney High School Principal Ray Guerrero. Lion George Whitfield presented each of the students with a check.  Madelyn Keep was awarded $100, and Langston Tate received $50.

Keep has a grade point average of 4.0. She is a member of “S” Club, Interact, California Scholarship Federation, Leos, Peer Mentoring, and Leadership. She enjoys horseback riding, hiking, and traveling and would like to travel around the United States and the world. She plans to attend Shasta College and to become a psychologist so that she can “help people.” She likes to read and is a good writer. She is also good at time management. Tears came to her eyes as she received her award.

Mattie’s dad Patrick Keep and stepmom came to watch her receive her award. She said, “I couldn’t be more proud. I am honored to call her my daughter.”

Her mom, LouAnn Gladwill lives in Spring Creek NV and could not attend. But she sent a message saying, “I am so proud of her. She has worked so hard for this. It’s a true honor.”

Tate also has a 4.0 grade point average. He is active in football, track, basketball, California Junior Scholarship Federation, Power Source, and 4-H. He plays guitar and likes to fish. He is very interested in botany and plans to go to Humboldt State University to earn a degree and pursue a career in that field.

Langston’s parents, Jedidiah and Amanda Tate, and his two sisters, Harper and Avery, came to watch Langston be honored for his achievement. His father said, “Hard work paid off.”

In addition to honoring the May students of the month, the Burney Lions Club also elected a new slate of officers including Daryl Hovis, President; Matt Quinlan, Past President; Mike Barnes, 1st Vice-President; Larry Hawthorne, 2nd Vice-President; Dick Lindgren; Treasurer; Ron Edwards, Hall Chairman; Jim Crockett, Membership Chair; Mark Stalcup, 1 year Director; and Jim Lake, 2 year director.

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Burney Lions Club hosts a steak dinner for BHS Senior Boys

Thursday evening May 11, The Burney Lions Club treated 11 graduating senior boys to a delicious steak dinner to congratulate them for their accomplishments and wish them well in the future.

2017 Senior Boys

All together, this year’s graduating class has 29 students: 16 girls and 13 boys. The senior boys include Matthew Elmore, Kaden Tiran, Alejandro Jimenez, Hunter Mostoufi, Billy Covert, Brandon McFarlane, Nicholas Glazzard, Wyatt Hibbeln, Layton McClung, Riley Estes, Michael Avelar, Matthew Bonsey, and Ryan Pruitt. Unfortunately, Matthew Bonsey and Ryan Pruitt were unable to attend the gathering.

After the delicious dinner, Lion Dr. Bill Cummings had each of the students come forward and talk briefly about their experience and activities at Burney High and their plans and hopes for the future. In his opening remarks he reminded the young men that, having reached the age of 18, they are now legally responsible adults and should act wisely.

Lion Dr. Bill Cummings interviewing Kaden Tiran

Students talked about their participation in sports and club activities. Billy Covert said that he was good at “procrastinating and communicating.”

Several noted that they wanted to experience the thrill of sky-diving. Others expressed a desire to travel. Matt Elmore for instance said that he would like to go to Thailand. Michael Avelar said that he would like to go to the Super Bowl.

Many of the students will be attending Shasta College. Wyatt Hibbeln, Brandon McFarlane, and Michael Avelar will be going to the College of the Redwoods. Hunter Mostoufi is going to Pacific Union College to study history. Billy Covert will be moving to Texas where he plans to attend the University of North Texas at Dallas.

The hopeful seniors shared plans for a number of  career options including operating heavy machinery and being a Fish and Game Warden.

The interviews were peppered with laughter from the audience and Cummings presented each student with a $20 cash gift from the Lions.

After all of the students had been introduced, BHS Principal Ray Guerrero spoke briefly praising the students and wishing them well.

Principal Ray Guerrero wishing the students well

Burney Lions Club President Matt Quinlan also spoke briefly.

Lion President Matt Quinlan congratulating and advising the young men

He advised the young men that once they had completed their educations and settled into their careers, they should “give back to the community.”

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Joyce Ogden and Josh Broome chosen as BHS April Students of the Month

Joyce Ogden and Josh Broome were honored as April Students of the Month at the Burney Lions Club on Thursday evening April 27. Joyce Ogden was named 12th grade student of the month and Josh Broome was named 8th grade student of the month.

Lion George Whitfield, Joyce Ogden, Josh Broome, and Principal Ray Guerrero

The students were introduced by Burney High School Principal Ray Guerrero. Lion George Whitfield presented each of the students with a check.  Joyce Ogden was awarded $100, and Josh Broome received $50.

Ogden has a grade point average of 3.2. She is a star basketball player. She likes spending time with her family, friends, and her boyfriend Marvin. She would like to try skydiving. After graduation, she plans to attend Shasta Community College and continue playing basketball. As well as being an excellent athlete, she is good at drawing and is a “good friend.” Her parent, Tonya Seefloth came to see her receive her award.

Josh Broome has a 3.5 grade point average. He plays basketball and football and likes to spend time with his friends. In the future, he plans to attend college and become a marine biologist. He would also like to travel. When Principal Guerrero asked where he would like to travel first, Broome answered, “To the coast.” Josh’s father, Josh Broome, Sr. said that his son is amazing.

“He always makes the right decisions.” Mr. Broome said proudly about his son.

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Kindergarten Registration at Burney Elementary School

Press release from Burney Elementary:

Burney Elementary School invites all parents of children planning to attend Kindergarten for the first time in the fall to their registration day on Friday, April 7th in the school multi-use room. It will begin at 1:30 p.m.

Children who will be five on or before September 1 are eligible to enroll this year. The registration meeting will be an excellent opportunity for parents to meet the staff members who will be working with their children, to ask questions, and to receive information about the Kindergarten program.

There will also be the opportunity to sign up for the transitional-kindergarten program available for children who will be turning five from September 2nd to December 2nd.

During registration, parents will make an appointment for the child’s screening day and be informed about the visitation day.

Parents are urged to bring their child’s birth certificate and immunization record to registration day.  A child will not be registered unless a birth certificate and proof of immunizations are presented at the time of registration, and he/ she will not be allowed to participate in the visitation day unless the registration and screening processes have been completed.

Telephone the school any time during office hours at 335-2279 for further information.

Cheri Vaugier-Chapman
Secretary, Burney Elementary School
37403 Toronto Ave.
Burney, CA 96013

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Water Districts to test public school water for lead

The Fall River Unified School District has requested that water be tested for lead at the schools under their jurisdiction. Schools in Burney will be tested within the next three months by the Burney Water District. Schools in Fall River will be tested by the Fall River Valley Community Services District.

The testing is being done as a proactive state measure mandated by the California State Water Resources Board to insure that our children have safe drinking water and to avoid incidents such as have occurred in Flint Michigan.

For more details you can call the Burney Water District office at 335-3582

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Tristan Nance and Ryan Pruitt chosen BHS Students of the Month

Tristan Nance and Ryan Pruitt were honored as March Students of the Month at the Burney Lions Club on Thursday evening March 17. Tristan Nance was named 8th grade student of the month and Ryan Pruitt was named 12th grade student of the month.

Ryan Pruitt, BHS Principal Ray Guerrero, Tristan Nance, and Lions President Matt Quinlan

The students were introduced by Burney High School Principal Ray Guerrero. Lion President Matt Quinlan presented each of the students with a check.  Tristan Nance was awarded $50, and Ryan Pruitt received $100.

Tristan Nance has a grade point average of 4.0. He attends the teen center and likes gym, football, gaming and spending time with his friends. Something he has not done yet but would like to do is go to a water park. After high school, he would like to graduate from college and then become a game programmer. Tristan’s family and cousins came to watch him receive his award. His stepfather said he was “very proud” of him for doing so well.

Senior Ryan Pruitt also has a 4.0 grade point average. Ryan is a member of Interact, Leos, the Dark Side Raiders, and Boy Scouts. He is a long distance runner who prides himself on his endurance. Ryan is an excellent public speaker and this year has won the club and district level Lions Student Speaker Contest. Later this month he will be competing at the regional level.

Ryan enjoys reading and writing. He has a great sense of humor and likes funny movies. He is also good at “practical jokes.” He would like try skydiving. After graduating he plans to go to college and then get a job. Ryan’s mother, Stephanie Pruitt, attended to see Ryan honored and gave a few words of praise after the presentations.

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Burney Lions honor September and October Students of the month

The Burney Lions Club honored four Burney Junior/Senior High School students as Student of the Month at the Burney Lions Hall Thursday evening October 20.

Ist Vice President Daryl Hovis with students of the month Francie Ferguson, Paige Smith, Cade Harner and Principal Ray Guerrero

Ist Vice President Daryl Hovis with students of the month Francie Ferguson, Paige Smith, Cade Harner and Principal Ray Guerrero

Each month the Burney Lions Club holds a dinner to recognize one 8th grader and one 12th grader for their outstanding academic performance and school and community involvement.

The September Students of the Month were Megan Arsenau for 12th grade and Cade Harner for 8th grade. Students of the Month for October were 12th grader Paige Smith and 8th grader Francie Ferguson.

Each of the students was introduced by BHS Principal Ray Guerrero and presented with a certificate of award and a check by 1st Lion Vice-President Daryl Hovis. The 8th grade honorees received $50 and 12th grade honorees were awarded $100 for their achievement.

Megan Arsenau, 12th grade Student of the Month for September, could not attend because she was busy competing in a volleyball game. She will receive her award at a later date.

The 8th grade Student of the Month for September,  Cade Harner has maintained a 4.0 grade point. He is active in 4H and plays Pop Warner Football. His interests include football, fishing, hunting and taking care of his pets. He is looking forward to catching a catfish. In the future he would like to become an orthodontist. He is good at math, running, and nature photography.

The 8th grade student of the month Francie Ferguson has also maintained a 4.0 grade point. She is active in Burney 4H, Hat Creek Youth Group. Evangelical Free Church Youth Group, and Club Live. She plays volleyball and basketball. She also enjoys photography, art, and adventuring. She is good at showing sheep.

Francie is known for her great sense of humor, Everyone laughed when Principal Guerrero asked her to explain to him what Pinterest is. Finding new ideas on Pinterest is something she likes to do in her spare time.

Francie wants to learn to surf and also to learn the “Parent Trap” handshake. In the future she would like to find P. Sherman 42 Way in Sydney, Australia.

The 12th Grade Student of the Month for October, Paige Smith has a 3.90 grade point average. She is the Senior Class President. She is also President of the Interact Club and the school Soroptomist Club. She is the Coordinator for the Peer Mentoring Program and the cheerleading captain. In addition, she is a member of the Leo’s Club and Friday Night Live.

Paige works as a waitress for Anna’s Country Kitchen and loves singing, dancing, swimming and spending time with her family. In her spare time she likes to spend time with her friends.

She hopes to be able to travel to Spain to reconnect with her friend Paula who was a foreign exchange student in Burney. She plans to attend Northern Arizona State University after graduation and get her teaching credentials.

Each of the students gave a short talk after receiving their award. Many family members attended and several also made brief comments.

Lion Larry Hawthorne prepared the delicious spaghetti dinner with the help of several fellow Lions, and the dinner was served by members of the Leos Club.

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