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Mt. View students give out Christmas presents at Burney Annex

Three students from Mt. View High School, Elias Avelar, Danell Brumbaugh, and Jordan Potts, gave out presents to 55 patients at the Burney Annex on Wednesday afternoon December 19.

Danell Brumbaugh, Teacher Becky Mock, patient Sally Schmidt, Elias Avelar, Superintendent Greg Hawkins, and Vice Principal Becky Torgrimson

The presents, hand-handmade by students, included pinecone-peanut butter-bird seed bird feeders, homemade snowflake decorations with glitter, and water bottles and bags filled with sugar-free candy and gum.

The activity was part of the students’ empathy unit. School Nurse Karen Van Cleave comes to the school once a week to teach a class on empathy.

According to teacher Becky Mock, the purpose of the unit is to “help students to put themselves in the shoes of others and serve people in need.”

Teacher Lori Carlson suggested the idea of giving gifts to patients at the Annex. The visit to the Annex also helps to fulfill the students’ community service requirement for graduation.

Teacher Becky Mock, FRJUSD Superintendent Greg Hawkins, BHS Vice Principal Becky Torgrimson, and MVHS Secretary Shaun Davis accompanied the students as they delivered the presents.



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Seniors celebrate Halloween with costume contest

After a delicious lunch of spaghetti with blood sauce, spooky spinach, scary salad, gruesome garlic bread and witches brew prepared by Kim and Laura, four souls emerged to take part in a costume contest.

Costume Contest at the Senior Nutrition Center

Mary Francis Unterreiner was dressed as Victoria Barkley from the TV western Big Valley. Linda Colvin came as a Pioneer Woman. Sharon dressed as a Witch, and Vicky McAbee as a Patriot. Bruce Hill (not pictured) also joined the contest at the last minute as Dr. Dreidel.

Assembled diners voted for best costume by applause. Senior Center Director Diane and Kim Stier judged the volume and deemed Pioneer Woman the winner of a $20 award donated for the occasion by Mary Unterreiner.

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Christmas Songs at the Senior Center

On December 15, members of the Burney High School Choir came to the Senior Lunch at the TriCounties  Community Center to sing  a selection of traditional Christmas Carols for the senior diners. Music and band teacher Hugo Castro accompanied the students on the piano.

High School Students singing Christmas Carols at the Senior Nutrition Center – Photo by Debra Robbins

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Gary and Barb Bagley celebrate 65th Anniversary at Senior Nutrition Center

Gary and Barb Bagley celebrated 65 years of marriage at the Senior Nutrition Center lunch on August 16.

Gary and Barb Bagley with Linda Colvin, Walt and Lorraine Libal, and George Whitfield

Before the meal everyone sang Happy Anniversary. George Whitfield and Alex Colvin sang several songs in their honor.

The couple met when they were students at Santa Rosa High School. When Gary was 18 and Barb was 16, they eloped to Reno where they were married by a Justice of the Peace named G. W. Priest.

Gary said, “It’s been a long .journey that I wouldn’t travel with anybody else.”

Barb said, “Tic, tic, tic…”

Time goes by. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bagley!

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Commission on Aging visits Burney Senior Center

Members of the Shasta County Commission on Aging (SCCOA) visited the Burney Senior Center on November 20th. The commissioners came to tour the facility and see some of their activities. Afterwards, they were joined by District 3 County Supervisor Pam Giaccomini for lunch.

Members of the Shasta County Commission on Aging waiting for lunch

Members of the Shasta County Commission on Aging waiting for lunch

One of the supervisors said she was very impressed with the activities of the Senior Center. Supervisor Giacomini said that this was the first time the commission as a whole had come to visit the Burney Senior Center.

Dr. Tom Watson, Commissioner from District 3, invited his fellow commissioners to make the visit. Dr. Watson said, “We are basically the liaisons between the senior population and the supervisors.”

One of the people at the table I was sitting at said he wanted do be sure that the Commission knew how much we appreciated the work that Bill Shannon does at the center.

In compliance with the Older Americans Act of 1965 (OAA), California is divided into 33 Planning and Service Areas (PSA) to oversee the administration of services to senior citizens. Shasta County is part of PSA 2.

Shasta County has 8 commissioners. Each member of the Board of Supervisors appoints a commissioner to represent their district. There are five districts. In addition, three cities in Shasta County each appoint one commissioner,  making a total of 8 commissioners all together.

Dr. Tom Watson from Mountain Valley Health Clinic is the Commissioner for the district that represents the Burney Area. Dr. Watson was appointed by District 3 Supervisor Giacomini

The commission meets at 10 a.m. every 3rd Friday of the month at the Shasta County Administration Center. 1450 Court Street, Room 311, in Redding.  The public is welcome to attend.

Members of the Commission are available to provide information, receive suggestions and hear concerns from Shasta County senior citizens and organizations who serve them.

By the way, lunch was delicious — meat loaf and brussel sprouts. During lunch representatives from the Burney Fire Department were there for people to have their blood pressure checked.

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